MRFF’s INBOX – Trying to get some help with ‘God’s Not Dead’ Bible Study

From: U.S. Army Senior NCO’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Re: Trying to get some help with ‘God’s Not Dead’ Bible Study
Date: March 20, 2016 at 5:40:58 PM EDT
To: [email protected]


I write this letter to thank you and your staff at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for your intercession with an issue I had with my command recently. I know that as Americans we are entitled to freedom of religion and I would be the first to fight to keep that right; however as a Soldier I live by a different code and my loyalty lies to my unit and my Soldiers.

I recently came upon a situation in which my command was promoting the movie ‘God’s Not Dead’ to my Soldiers and I knew that this movie was not one that promoted unity and respect among the ranks. In the Army I have to work with those of different colors, creeds, etc. and for a command to promote a movie such as this was troubling.

I did not want to stir the pot, however I didn’t think it was right and I decided to contact Mikey at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. After sending an e-mail, I received an almost instantaneous response back asking me to call him. I talked with Mikey on the phone and he gave me much needed advise on what could be done, and what I liked best of all was that he said he wouldn’t do anything unless it was what I wanted to do. Mikey said that he knew some very influential people in my area and that he would be able to reach out and have them work to resolve the issue. After a few days, Mikey told me that a senior U.S. Army General contact of his talked with a very senior leader in my direct chain of command, and some of the local U.S. Army chaplains, and they all agreed that something like this should not have happened and will not happen again.

I cannot thank you and your staff enough! I am a Senior NCO and even though I have been through hell and highwater, issues like these are extremely hard to address and survive without getting dragged through the mud. Having an outside source that can advocate on my behalf and keep my anonymity is truly something that keeps me supporting the mission that you and your staff does!


Senior NCO

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  1. Holy Rebel

    First of all, this senior NCO loyalty does not first go to his men, it first goes to defending the Constitution of the Untied States which includes the freedom of religion. Secondly, shame on those Army chaplains for saying that this is wrong, they are to honor and obey the ecclesiastical endorsement they undertook when becoming a chaplain. There is nothing wrong with military chaplains promoting a religious film whether it relates to Christianity, Judaism or Islam!

    Third, there is nothing wrong with the movie God is not Dead and God is Not Dead 2 which comes out on April Fools Day, a coincidence I think not since April 1st is the atheists only holiday they get, since God says that a “fool in his heart says there is no God.” God is not Dead contrary to earlier reports, He has been alive and well before the start of time. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

    I think that that I will post on every military academy Facebook and Twitter account and the military chaplains Facebook and Twitter accounts that they need to encourage everyone on their base and campus to go see this movie which is already sold out in many cities across this country.

    God reigns, bless His holy Name!

  2. Holy Rebel

    Popular Christian Movie Shattered Expectations. And Now This Entertainment Executive Has a Powerful Message for Hollywood. This refers to the first “God is not Dead” movie, PureFlix is streaming Christian movies online like Netflix, just think, soldiers watching Christian movies in their barracks and inviting fellow soldiers to watch with them all protected by the freedom of religion and there is nothing Mr. Weinstein can do about it.

    The movie “God is not Dead 2” will be showing at a theaters near a military academy or military installation near you! Invite a fellow soldier or cadet to come watch the movie with you!!

  3. That guy

    Holy Rebel,

    I think the main issue with the movie is that it portrays non-Christians are immoral, unethical, etc. It’s one thing to have a movie about your religious practices, it’s another to blatantly paint non-believers and those of other faiths in a negative light. The Army is made up of people from all faiths and some without one. A Command that promotes a movie that portrays these others faiths and nons is not promoting cohesion among it’s ranks only divisiveness.

  4. Holy Rebel

    Dear That Guy,

    May I ask if you did see the movie God is not Dead when it came out or on DVD? I have seen the movie and I do not remember them portraying non-Christians as immoral or unethical. The movie was more showing the attacks that are on Christians for believing that there is a God and demeaning them for their faith. The same with the second movie that is soon to come out “God is not Dead 2.” This movie will also deal with the attacks that there are on Christians in our culture and the taking away of our religious liberties. I strongly encourage you to either rent the first movie “God is not Dead” through Red Box or watch it on Netflix, and also encourage to go see the second movie when it comes out and watch with an open mind and heart.

  5. G

    Funny Holy Rebel, Christians complaining about their faith being demeaning when it seems that there is such venomous phobia about Islam in the USA not to mention the attacks on people of Muslim faith and attacks on Muslim temples?

  6. Holy Rebel

    Oh please, where are there attacks on Muslims here in the United States or in Europe and their mosques. Do you not even realize that the greater majority of terrorist attacks are performed by radical Muslims and who are they attacking the most, Jews and Christians!! Did you not hear about the Taliban terrorist in Pakistan who detonated his suicide vest on Sunday in a chidren’s park as Christians were celebrating Easter. Over 100 women and children were killed and 400 critically wounded now. Our own State Dept would not mention Islamic terrorist or it being in connection to Christians and Easter, when the Taliban said that is why we did it, to attack Christians on Easter.

  7. G

    HR, the sergeant was showing loyalty to his people by defending the US Constitution when he called MRFF regarding his command structure supporting the movie ‘God’s Not Dead.”

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