Congressman Collins Statement on the Removal of the Bible from “Missing Man Table” at Ohio VA Clinic

“That Mikey Weinstein and his organization would call for a Bible to be removed from a POW display is not surprising, but it is another indication that this organization is blind to our country’s founding principles.”

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  1. CPT Matthew Kurnava, US. Army

    It appears this Congressman doesn’t understand our country ‘s origins :”The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
    –John Adams

    He doesn’t understand the Constitution (Establishment Clause) or the Lemon test upheld by SCOTUS:Lemon v Kurtzman (403 US 602)

    I could be a better congressman than him

  2. G

    Captain Kurnava, nice phrase from John Adams. Too many of American unfortunately, don’t have an in-depth comprehensive education about the history of our country.


    It is you Congressman who doesn’t understand “…our country’s founding principles.”
    You believe that your Religion [religion in general?] should take center stage no matter where people congregate. Therefore, you seem to be ignoring the ‘founding principles,’ especially the Establishment Clause, of the First Amendment, just in case you haven’t read the Founding Fathers’ well thought-out document, which also PROTECTS your ass, in the ability to practice your religion in church, home, private halls, but not on government property, without interference.
    Those who came from Europe, and elsewhere, came to get away from your kind!
    The VA is Government property; therefore, that thing called the Bill of Rights kicks-in!

  4. WFZ

    Dear Mr. Manes,

    People of faith can practice their religious beliefs anywhere they so choose to, not just in their churches, synagogues or mosques, or in private halls. It sounds more like you want to push people of any faith back into the closet where they are not seen and that is against what the First Amendment allows. If I want to sit on the lawn of a courthouse and pray with other people I can do that if I so choose. If I want to preach on a city corner, I can so choose to do that without interference. If students want to pass out religious literature to their friends at school they by law are allowed to do that.

    Why are you so afraid of people of any faith???

  5. G

    WFZ, the military people are not allowed to do those things that you had mentioned in full view of the public nor are they allowed to do it at a government building.

  6. Connie

    WFZ – you asked “Why are you so afraid of people of any faith???”

    Really? Because I can recall an awful time in history where religion caused nothing but fear. Actually now that you have me thinking I believe there were more than just a few but I don’t want to define all religions by just one flavor of faith.

    As an avid reader of history I can say I’ve thought about this a lot… When the dogma of religion becomes The Thing then terror and fear and hate become the focus. Whatever good was in the original message becomes corrupted; fouled by the endless pursuit of ‘purity’. It doesn’t matter what faith, the time period, the culture, the geographic location. Even fanatical adherence to atheism takes a person to the same destination.

    So what is the answer? We all have our belief systems that help us make it through the night. Everyone one of us has something we hold dear that brings a sense of comfort when times are tough. It is up to us as humans to make that belief a guessing game and not a let me shove my thoughts into your face kind of game. First game? Respectful. Second? Very aggressive and disrespecting of the boundaries of others.

    Now I understand some folks have an idea that they and only they have access to the answers to the mysteries of life. What works for you doesn’t always work for everyone else. We are not all identical blocks of wood. We are not even identical blocks of wood painted different colors. We are every shape and size and color imaginable and somehow we need to work together in order to survive. Respect. Cooperation. And understanding not everyone is the same as you… Not sure how to teach such things but that is the way I see it.

    Hey G – health is wobbly. Internet access weird. And I think I was blocked for a bit… Seems to have cleared up so no worries. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

  7. G

    Hey Connie, hope your health improves this year.

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