MRFF’s Director of Veteran’s Affairs Resigns (with MRFF response)

“It is with deep regret that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation accepts Captain (U.S. Army – Retired) Jordan Ray’s resignation as MRFF Director of Veterans Affairs.

My family, as well as MRFF’s hundreds of paid & volunteer staff and countless supporters domestically and around the world know well what this kind of hostile reprisal and retribution from fundamentalist evangelical Christian extremists is like.

We are delighted that he will be staying on as a strong supporter and extremely valued MRFF client and we wish him and his family only the best.

We support and salute this gallant and most valiant combat veteran, (U.S. Army – Retired) Captain Jordan Ray.”

Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein, Esq.
Founder & President, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

From: Jordan Ray
Date: April 6, 2016 at 12:13:13 PM CDT
To: Mikey Weinstein <[email protected]>
Subject: Fwd: Resignation


I will no longer be able to publicly be involved with MRFF due to Fundamentalist, Evangelist, and Dominionist threats made against myself, my wife, and my child in online forums simply for standing up to what I believe is a constitutional right of all Soldiers and Veterans – equality when it comes to Faith and ideology.

I cannot believe I deployed five times to fight radical Islamists overseas only to come home, voice my opinion, and be attacked by radical Christians.

Who’s persecuting who??

Unfortunately, there are also conflicts involving my health. I am 100% combat disabled, and require much medical care, limiting my availability to act on behalf of MRFF.

I applaud what you and MRFF does, and that you have the strength and courage to stand up against The Never ending Christian onslaught and threats against your family.

They continue to pressure legislation that discriminates against other faiths, race, ideology, sexuality, women’s health, etc.

Someone’s got to stop the possible tyranny of the majority from oppressing and silencing the minority and fulfilling their desire of a Christian theocracy.

Any American that believes their “God’s” law comes before the U.S. Constitution and human rights is in my opinion a domestic terrorist.

Is that not what Christians call radical Islamists? Terrorists? They are trying to set up an Islamic Caliphate, and the radical Christians are trying to set up a Christian theocracy.

I believe MRFF is on the front lines of that fight to keep all Americans on equal footing.

I will continue to be an MRFF member and supporter, and believer in the constitutional right for religious and ideological equality for all Americans.


Captain Jordan Ray
U.S. Army, Retired

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  1. Holy Rebel

    While I will agree that there should be made no threats against anyone’s life or that of their family, I am sure there may have not been that many to bring this guy to retirement, but as they say,”if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    God’s law always come before any nations laws and human rights, especially, if the so called human rights are in opposition to God’s moral law as revealed in scripture!

    If this makes me a domestic terrorist so be it, I can now call myself a domestic terrorist for Christ, I would rather be judged by the world for standing for God, than be judged by God for standing with the world.

    Thank you Captain Ray for your service to our country and God bless!!

    John 3:16

  2. Leslie Hormats Newman

    I am outraged that this happened to Capt. Ray. Is there anything that we can do for him and his family?

  3. Sandra Ballasch

    In Response to the first comment—the quote below is wrong,wrong,wrong. My religious views (and the authors)do NOT override the US Constitution here in theUS!

    God’s law always come before any nations laws and human rights, especially, if the so called human rights are in opposition to God’s moral law as revealed in scripture!

  4. Jai

    Holy Rebel, you are no better than the Islamic fundamentalists we are fighting. They believe exactly as you do. Being a “domestic terrorist for Christ” is no different than being a foreign terrorist for Allah. I only wish you would go to Syria and fight it out with them directly. Then those of us who believe in Christ, Allah, Adonai or nothing at all could live in peace with each other.

  5. G

    Well said Jai and Ms. Ballasch.

  6. Holy Rebel, tragic that you hold those sincere beliefs and dont even realize the wrong in it. No, I guess I can’t stand the heat of this. Not when my wife and 8 year old child are threatened. I enlisted into the fight, I can’t just draft them into it. Of note, I can handle the 120-130 degree heat of the Middle East and South-West Asia in full combat gear on the front lines.

  7. Connie

    Christian supremacists like Holy Rebel are blind to the fact that they have become that which they detest. They are also ignorant of the concept of equal rights for all humans, instead they advocate special treatment for their flavor of faith alone.

    In my opinion, like Yeshua Warrior before, Holy Rebel is a one note song that has gone flat.

    I am saddened beyond belief anyone would threaten children. Not surprised mind you, but sad. I was happy for your new position but understand stepping away. You need to take care of you and yours.

    It occurs to me when humans use methods attributed to the evil ‘other’ they become evil themselves, no matter how good their intentions.

  8. taosword

    While in Vietnam as a combatant, I had the feeling from most of the chaplains who came out into the field, by the sermons they gave, that they were justifying that immoral, terrorist war using biblical verses. I remember feeling contempt for them. This was an example of how they thought that their version of God came before moral reasoning and human rights. This is why your work is so important to me. People do not realize the danger in the radical right Christian fundamentalist movement in this country, and would it could become if left unchecked. I left the organized Christian Catholic church over that war and do not regret it one bit. Keep up the good work.

  9. Marshalldoc

    Marshalldoc • 4 minutes ago

    I can think of no better reason to resist the dominionist/reconstrutionist attack on our secular democracy than this example of fundamentalist Christian terrorism… think of the Islamic State spouting ‘Jesus’ here in America and you’ll have a good idea of what those trying to inject their perverse religious ideology into our government & military are all about. I can only imagine the sense of betrayal Capt. Ray must feel having risked his all in service to this country only to find himself attacked by those whom he did it. When you get right down to it, religious fanaticism (Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, …whatever) are all essentially the same belief system… ‘believe as I do or I’ll kill you’. All the words, ‘sacred’ texts, etc. are only window-dressing. Americans had best wise up, and quickly, lest we repeat the history we’ve evidently not learned. Sympathies to Capt. Ray & his family.

  10. Hypatia

    Please,comrades, forward this exchange to your list. People should know that freethinkers are targeted here by fanatic Christians, as well as in the boiling cauldron of the Middle East by fanatic Muslims.

    I hope Capt Ray can to organize some brothers to keep watch over him and his family. Plus, he should OF COURSE tape all threats and turn them over to the FBI. I will help him put things together if he is interested.

    (And BTW, if anyone is thinking that Ted Cruz is preferable to Donald Trump, please read Cruz; own remarks. He is quite open that his Presidential decisions would be based on the dictates of his “god” rather than on our Constitution and laws.

    Quite a roster, there: Remember Nancy Reagan advising the adoring Ronald what her soothsayer in San Francisco directed regarding US and world matters).

  11. Neil Chapman

    Reading Capt. Ray’s resignation letter it sounds like he wasn’t able to do the job regardless of the rhetoric his actions engendered. It’s also pretty obvious that he either doesn’t understand the definition of theocracy or is playing fast and loose with his use of the term.

    I applaud him for his Army service. Hopefully he is receiving the proper care and therapy for his 100% disability.

  12. Beaglemutt

    Capt Ray, thank you for serving MRFF and best wishes for you and your family. Going against the tide isn’t easy, but you have made doing so a bit easier for the rest of us.

  13. G

    I get the feeling that Yeshua Warrior and Holy Rebel are one in the same person since both of them talked about supporting Israel in another MRFF story

  14. slk

    do you continue to censor me, wordpress. such cowards

  15. Angela Schweig

    Holy Rebel: Did you flunk 4th grade social studies? If you went to an American school, that’s where we start to discover that the intent of the Framers of the Constitution was creating a SECULAR society, as opposed to Britain (which was then – and is NOW a Christian theocracy). You say that God’s law in scripture supersedes the Constitution. Which God? Zeus? Odin? Loki? Ahura Mazda? Innanna? Astarte? Ashera? Abba? Allah? (Oops, the last two are the same; the first is Aramaic, the second is Arabic. Both address the God of Abraham). Which scriptures? The Baghavad Gita? The Ramayana? The Sutras? The Bible? (which version? original languages? what translation into what language?) Basically, I’m showing you up as a typical Bible-thumping idiot who’s never had an independent thought or sufficient curiosity to get out of your own comfort zone. Neither Capt. Ray nor anyone else deserves to be hounded and threatened because of their opinions. There’s no “war on Christians” in this country. You are pursuing a war on anyone who disagrees with you.

  16. Vikki Donnelly

    Always amusing to see cowards like Holy Rebel — who lack the balls and principles to state their opinions using their real names — lecturing other people about not being able to take the heat.

  17. Holy Rebel

    Vikki, I think your statement is very funny since there are other so called “cowards” on here from the other side who don’t use their real name like “G”, “Beaglemutt”. “slk”, “hypatia” so please stop being hypocritical and call out your own as well!

  18. G

    HR, at least people like me don’t resort to death threats compare to people like you.

  19. jordan

    Neil Chapman, I did my job well enough-in my very short tenure, I had Akron VA Bible removed, Youngstown Bible removed, WPAFB Bible removed; and that success led to Houston, VA removing their Bible. Only wish I could have done more before cowards threatened my wife and child and I had to step back. I have comfort in knowing that MRFF will continue the fight, and build immensely on the success we made together as a team.

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