DAYTON DAILY NEWS – Bible removed from POW display at Wright-Patt medical center

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  1. Ghostlit Angel

    I’m not sure I understand the difference between this and ISIS destroying religious heritage sites. Religion is part of history. Destroying / hiding / removing the artifacts that represent it only mis-represents the past.

    Can you please explain?

  2. RickJ

    How convenient of your site to put “all comments subject to our terms.” As such, I personally doubt that Mr. Mikey Weinstein has the guts or fortitude to debate me. Anytime and anywhere “Mikey.” Your organization’s interference with having a bible removed from a POW display at WPAFB is “fascist” at best. What do you call it “Mikey” when the rights of the very few, trump the rights of the majority? Why are Jewish attorneys so fearful of certain things such as that bible? Has it bitten you? Have Christian Zealots hammered in your front door? Have they tried to indoctrinate in any way? Why don’t we take a poll of the people who work at WPAFB to see how they feel about an artifact’s historical teachings which enabled tortured, and starved men to hang on when all hope was lost. An artifact which instills hope in millions more. This country was founded on Christian principles. I acknowledge this and I don’t even read the bible nor attend church. You know what the founders were talking about? You know damned good and well what religion this country was founded on. Yet over the decades, the Liberal Jewish legal community has perverted and bent those principals like a soft pretzel. How about it Mikey! Lets put a poll out there. You won’t because you know you’ll lose badly. What has happened to your race? I doubt you even follow any of its teachings. Law school twisted whatever moral right was ever in that head of yours. All intellect and science huh “Mikey?” Yes! Those things alone can explain anything. In stomping on others rights the Jewish legal community has come to be that entity which nearly eradicated it in Europe during WWII. Your’s is no better than the fascists. You are all hypocrites. You claim to represent the people. PLEASE! You only represent yourselves and those whom don’t want to live with the specter of owning up to God.

  3. Connie

    Ghostlitangel –

    I hope I’m not wasting my words here. This is how I see it – either the Christian supremacists share the POW table with everyone (Atheists, Pagans, Satanists, and everyone else) or no one gets to place their book on the table. That is according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    You are correct. Religion is part of history. In fact theocracy has been tried in all it’s many flavors and colors. That is the reason the founding fathers of the USA kept religion separate from state or secular law.

    As for D’aesh destroying the artifacts – I’m outraged at the history being destroyed. I’m angered at their willful ignorance and deliberate refusal to face reality in the here/now. I am also terrified at the similarities between true believers like Rev Bob and D’aesh. I’m a full blown pagan, the type his holy book would not suffer me to live. In my recollection the burning times were not so long ago.

    As I see it, MRFF stands for freedom. Placing a Christian bible (and only the bible) excludes and treats all those who believe differently as second class citizens.

    Does that help?

  4. Connie

    RickJ – wow. You are really angry!

    You know every website that allows comments has terms of service or use. Complaining about the one here makes you look petty and detracts from the point you want to make.

    I believe I get it though – you are offended a military office had to follow the law of the land. What is it called when everyone’s rights have to be respected? It’s called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    This nation was founded on the premise that secular law came first to make all people equal. Then came religious law to guide each person through their life. I know you disagree with me but the facts (and case law) are clear.

    PS your bigotry is showing. You might want to check that.

  5. Tom O

    RickJ wrote “This country was founded on Christian principles.” Can you give us some examples? Principles which are not uniquely Christian are NOT a valid answer to that question. Yesterday, on the comment thread for an email in the MRFF Inbox dated 4/13 titled “The Bible” I asked the same question, with no answer so far. I expect the same here.

  6. George Nunnemacher

    I agree wholeheartedly with RickJ’s comments and couldn’t have said it better myself. It is the “Mikey” Weinstein and the MRFF who are the new fascists. MRFF wants to eliminate any last vestige of Christianity. (Hmmm… sounds like the same goal ISIS has.) MRFF ranks right up there with the book burners. As Rick said, NO ONE is forcing religion on our troops. If you don’t like a movie or TV show, you change the channel. If you don’t like the Bible sitting on a table, for God’s sake just walk buy it. Are you really that ignorant? For MRFF leaders and supporters who wore the uniform, you have dishonored it. I am embarrassed for you.

  7. Rev Bob

    Preach it George Nunnemacher!! Could not have said it better than you did!!

  8. G

    Here is a video about the Jews looting the Holy Land:

  9. Tom O

    George Nunnemacher: if you “agree wholeheartedly with RickJ’s comments and couldn’t have said it better myself,” and that includes RickJ’s claim that “This country was founded on Christian principles,” can YOU give us some examples? Principles which are not uniquely Christian are NOT a valid answer to that question.

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