Mr Weinstein

The almost immediate removal of the Christian Bible from the POW/MIA display by the Tobyhanna Army Command was commendable.

The MRFF needs to be thanked and praised.

But as you have correctly pointed out this removal was only done under pressure and threats from the MRFF.

What remains absent MRFF pressure is gross incompetence bordering on malice at best by the Command and at worst a willful and flagrant insensitivity to an extremely important issue in current military life for many of us – where too often we are victims of proselytizing from the deeply embedded fundamentalist Christian   element found throughout the DoD.

We are protected by the US Constitution  from any exposure to a single religious message – a concept which is central to our healthy lives in the military be it active duty, civilians or veterans.

We must do all we can to protect that constitutional right as we serve our nation.

I for one do not know exactly how or when that Christian Bible reappeared on the Tobyhanna display table?

But what I do know is the Tobyhanna Command should have known and removed it without pressure from the MRFF followed by a full investigation as to how and when this Christian Bible reappeared

Someone needs to be held accountable here and that person or persons need to be appropriately punished


MRFF Client

Tobyhanna Army Depot

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  1. Rev Bob

    I cannot believe this person wants someone punished for putting a bible on a table, what is this country coming to? Scripture is true when it said in the last day right will be wrong and wrong will become right.

  2. Rev Bob

    It saddens me that the United States is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany except we are not murdering Jews, but we are murdering the undesirables and unwanteds in our society (i.e. abortion and euthanasia). Now to some like the MRFF it is a crime to put a bible on a table and they are now calling for those people to be crucified for doing it. I wonder if a bible is still allowed in the VA if someone is carrying it in to minister to patients or veterans are allowed to have one on their bedside. I wonder if MRFF would have a problem with someone putting a bible on a table in the VA cafeteria while they are eating their food? Next thing you know is that the MRFF will have the bible banned from every military academies cadet’s room after some cadet says it offends them to see it in their dorm room or on a roommates desk?

    I think every person at MRFF and the FFRF would like to see every Christian rounded up and put in a concentration camp ala Nazi Germany because we are deemed a threat. Hmm, maybe that is why FEMA has built all those campus around the country to imprison us because we proclaim the name of Jesus!!

    Looking forward to Jesus returning and enacting His justice upon the earth and turning everything right side up again! Maranatha!

  3. Connie

    Wow Rev Bob, just wow. Where to start? How about this –

    I have come to expect Rev Bob, a traitor to the Constitution, to complain if his holy book doesn’t receive preferential treatment. He is incapable of understanding the concept of separation of church and state and regularly spits on the words of our founding fathers.

    I also have begun to question if Rev Bob is who he says he is, and here is one of my reasons (I can annotate if necessary).

    When I first called Yeshua Warrior a traitor to the Constitution he was very upset. He was so upset he threatened to slap my face if I was standing in front of him. And then he provided personal information that he came from a long line of military folk (I don’t remember if he claimed service for himself). His stance was how dare I question his patriotism.

    I respected YW’s service until we (new name Rev Bob) got into a discussion about raising children without violence. He defended swatting a child with a spoon or hand acceptable because neither were ‘weapons’. Really? I lived with my Marine husband for 15 years and even I, a hippy dippy chick, know EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon. For example, I can think of seven ways to kill a person with a wooden spoon besides the obvious breaking the handle to stab into the guts and heart. (Marines are a twisted lot. He used to test me with ordinary items to see if I could find multiple uses. I was a very good student).

    Rev Bob LURVS his persecution complex, gasping “Soon we won’t be able to carry our bibles with us!” Do you have any pearls left to clutch? I’m sure you’ve rubbed them back to the grains of sand that irritated the oyster!

    I’m not touching the FEMA camps. My ability to address cognitive dissonance is exhausted after all his false equivalency.

    Do I personally want there to be some consequences for traitors to the constitution who believe the order to rule the USA is God first and then the constitution? Yes, I do. I’d like to see such people barred from public service because they can’t in good faith complete their oath of office. But that continues to be my personal opinion.

  4. Tom O

    Again, a theocrat repeats the old “opposition to government promotion of Christianity=desire to destroy Christianity” lie. They’ve learned well that if a lie, no matter how big, is repeated enough, people will start to believe it, especially people who are programmed to blindly accept whatever an authority figure tells them.

    Here’s another example of Rev Bob’s repeated “Christian persecution” claims that he can’t substantiate.
    On the comment thread for
    Rev Bob’s first comment frefers to “children here in the US who have been told that they cannot pray over their food in their schools cafeteria by a school cafeteria worker or they cannot pray with other students on campus during breaks during the day.”
    On that thread, I asked him 3 times (9:13PM 4/14, 12:21PM 4/15, 7:50PM 4/18) if those children went to court to demand their their religious freedom, and what was the end result. He’s had 6 days to answer, but hasn’t. What does that tell you?

    We all unconsciously assume that others are basically the sane as ourselves. I suspect that Rev Bob and the other theocrats so frequently say things like “MRFF and the FFRF would like to see every Christian rounded up and put in a concentration camp ala Nazi Germany” because that’s what they’d like to do to non-Christians.

  5. G

    Rev Bob, what is this country coming to when we have so much economic inequality; yet,people like you seem to waste a lot of time about complaining about a book being removed from a table. Get your priorities straight.

    In some ways, we are becoming like Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, etc., but this talk about wanting to Christians in concentration camps. You need to seek mental help Rev Bob.

  6. Jesus is Lord

    May my Saviour and Lord Jesus forgive the persecutors. Us followers of Jesus will pray for those that deny Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Light. No one will get to the Father but through Jesus. God’s word, not mine. I will continue to love and pray for the persecutors. Every knee will bow before Jesus!

  7. Mark Sebree


    First, nobody is bound by your beliefs except you. There is no reason for anyone to accept your beliefs or your opinion of your mythology. Additionally, many people have good reasons for rejecting and resisting your attempts to convert people, reasons like having actually read the Bible. They can also be turned off by your intolerance, misogyny, bigotry, racism, and homophobia.

    Second, what “persecutors”? Christians are not being persecuted in the USA. Being made to follow the same rules as everyone else is not persecution. It just means that your “elevated” and “favored” status has been realized, and most people are not being it any more.

    Third, Christians like you are the ones that are doing most of the persecution in the USA. You persecute Muslims and try to deny them their rights, as well as malign them at every turn. You do the same for the LBGT community. If there was an easy way to identify them, I am sure that you would persecute atheists and agnostics.

  8. G

    Jews were also persecuted in the USA. For example, they were not allowed to go to college until about the 1950s and were considered part of the Jewish Bolevisk conspiracy to take over the world.

  9. Thomas Kalor

    People have interpied the Seperation of Church and State wrong for may years and I one am who has got sick and tired of people Trying to take My religious Freedom away from me. The intent was to key out of the Church not the other way around Get it straight People. I am a Born Again Christain and I will Pray and Read the Bible any where I choose including Government Places.

  10. G

    You will lose in court Mr. Kalor.

  11. Tom O

    “People have interpied the Seperation of Church and State wrong for may years” “The intent was to key out of the Church not the other way around.” Can Mr. Kalor translate that into English for us?

  12. Rev Bob

    There is no law that says we cannot read our bible in any government building!

  13. G

    “There is no law that says we cannot read our bible in any government building!”

    Nothing about reading the bible, it is the displaying of the bible in a way in a government building that violates the separation of church and state as stated in the US Constitution.

  14. G

    It is also reading and praying in a government building in a public way if you are a government employee that violates the separation of church and state.

  15. Rev Bob

    I sure a legislator can have a bible on their desk in their personal office and can pray with a fellow legislator on state grounds during their lunch hour.

    I wonder what you would say that there is going to be a marathon bible reading out loud on the steps of Congress coming up soon.

  16. G

    If they are US Congressmen, they probably could since Congress exempt themselves from American laws.

    “I wonder what you would say that there is going to be a marathon bible reading out loud on the steps of Congress coming up soon.”

    Is such an event coming up? If it is, you think that Congress has better things to do like putting Americans back to work. They need to get their priorities straight.

  17. Rev Bob

    There is no law that prohibits you from having a bible on your desk in your own office for those who are in Congress.

    The bible reading does not include anyone is Congress it looks like, they are volunteers –

  18. G

    Gee, Rev Bob, how would people like you would feel if those people were reading from the Koran or the Satanic Bible instead of reading the Christian Bible. You would not like it at all and you know it.

    Maybe we should forbid Congress from having the Bible on their desks until they put America back to work since they got their priority all screw up.

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