attacks Mikey Weinstein with Racially Insulting Headline

Click to Read on Touchstone

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  1. Rev Bob

    Racially Insensitive? Mikey is too racially sensitive. Come on, that is what Indians did, they took scalps! I would venture to say that from time to time Washington Redskins players before a game said let’s go take scalps today!

    Mikey, you know this article is so true of you, and wow, I have not heard yet about the attack on fellow Jews and name calling, well sir, you are what other Jews call a “Self-hating Jew” just like Bernie Sanders is a self-hating Jew as well so you are in good company!

    Well glad the MCU NDP event went well and that the general held her ground, that was not the only NDP event that took place on a military base last week. God is moving on our military and lives are being changed for His glory!

    Have a great day everyone!

  2. Connie

    Preacher man again
    Spews ignorance instead of
    The Love of J C

    Are we sure Rev Bob
    Is real and not some hate filled
    Spam bot trolling us?

  3. G

    Rev Bob, the marine general may have won this round; however, there is alway another battle to win. I find it ironic that the conservative military got support from the ACLU considering the fact that conservatives don’t like the ACLU. Yep, politics makes strange bedfellows in this case.

    Where is your proof that Weinstein and Sanders are self-hating Jews?

  4. Mary

    Mikey, oh! that Touchstone link! Such a load of confusion there……

    So glad you are tough and determined and able to withstand the piss ant attacks and insults. You stand in for so many of us who don’t have your guts and abilities.
    Were I a guy, I’d stand up and salute you, but as I’m not, I’ll just say: Keep up the good work and I hope you get that Nobel Prize finally… deserve it…….

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