THE WASHINGTON TIMES – Air Force vet dragged from flag-folding ceremony for speech referencing ‘God’

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  1. Gary

    The story is nonsense.
    The man stood up where or when he wasn’t supposed to and was asked to be seated. When he refused, other military personnel went to help. As he was being escorted out, he then started his speech.

    The request to be seated and the escort out of the building began before any mention of god.

  2. John Compere (military retiree)

    The USAF has had one official military script approved for flag folding ceremonies for over a decade. This individual apparently knew it but chose to disrupt a military retirement ceremony on a military installation & attempt to publicly force his private religious beliefs on others. His actions disrespected the flag, USAF, ceremony & people present. His actions not only demonstrated ill will but also showed no consideration for participants & attendees who came for a military retirement ceremony not to hear an intruder preach about his personal religious beliefs. John Compere (MRFF Advisory Board Member)

  3. JLW

    The man was asked to make his comments by the Sgt that was retiring. He had heard the speech before and wanted it done at his retirement ceremony. You people are totally wrong and nuts.

  4. Connie

    Gary – from what I read the speechmaker wasn’t even supposed to be on base, hence the reaction before he started to speak. This isn’t about religion. It’s about orders and whether or not a retiring Master Sgt. felt the need to obey.

    JLW – it is obvious that you are not familiar with military regulations. There are protocols to be observed and neither the retiree nor the speech maker made the slightest effort to comply. They deserve the consequences of their actions.

    The retiree was more than welcome to have a private non military event where the speech maker could say as many words as he wanted. By deliberately disobeying a command, the retiree is flirting with court-martial. I am amazed you can’t see that.

    Oh wait – let me guess – you believe your flavor of faith deserves special handling. Ya know – that’s called a theocracy and it will never happen in the USA; the founding fathers made sure of that! Constitution First which allows many to be made one. Faith second even as it is first in your heart. This isn’t rocket science. It’s separation of church and state.

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