Featured MRFF Inbox Posting – My Appreciation for You and Your Foundation

Mr. Weinstein, 

I have heard of you many times in the past. Unfortunately, it has been from other conservative Chaplains who were very biased in their views. I thought you might be the monster they said you were. Then, I had a time of need as a gay chaplain who was outed. I began to read about you and about your foundation. I watched some videos of you speaking and debating online. I found you to be nothing like the man about which I had heard. I was encouraged. Your passion coupled with your understanding and concern for those who are in the minority was heartening. It came to me at the perfect time in my storm. 

I have often felt very alone and isolated in the (U.S. Military branch name withheld) Chaplain Corps. While no one knew, until recently, that I am gay, I struggled to fit in. I have told my family and friends. But, I am fearful of telling the Chaplain Corps until I settle my endorsement. When I go to group events with other Chaplains there is almost always a discussion about the gay or transgender policies. It isn’t a positive discussion. It usually has the tone of somber regret. Chaplains talk as if we have some real challenges facing our faith. I always think, “These challenges have been decided for us by the DOD.” There is nothing coming. It is here. Gays and transgender individuals can freely serve. The only entity within the (U.S. Military branch name withheld) that is not on board is the Chaplain Corps. You and your foundation have given me hope. 

I want to personally thank you and the people who work with you to fight forward in affording all people of all faiths and lifestyles the ability to be who they are. I have struggled in the conservative community for many years, trying to be something that I am not. I have decided that I can no longer do this. And, I am thrilled to know that people like you are on my side. It gives me hope. It gives hope to many. I look forward to what can happen when good people come together and work toward lofty and admirable goals. 

Thank you from my heart, 

A Grateful (U.S. Military branch name withheld) CH (officer rank withheld)

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1 Comment

  1. Hank Hohenstein

    Yo Mikey,
    Oy, reading all of the material about you, your organization and the most recent dust up over the Bible on some poor soul’s desk makes me very tired. Then I saw several pictures, you look unhappy and tired. I think it is the message you are trying to convey. But then I realized holding a contradiction is strenuous. Please let me know if I may be helpful.
    Love, Hank

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