Re: Bible on desk

From: Nathan (last name withheld) <(email withheld)>
Date: August 17, 2016 at 8:10:37 PM MDT
To:[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Subject: Bible on desk

Hey Bitch:

I see where your chicken shit husband doesn’t have the balls to list his email address on the MRFF website…no surprise as  he (and you) are just a couple of muslim terrorist loving slimeballs who are losers in life and have to get back at true Americans! One can only hope that the both of you and everyone else in your piece of shit organization will be struck down with the worst diseases humanity can offer! And if you don’t like what I just said then why don’t you suck my cock, cunt?  I live in Virginia and I’ll be more than happy to discuss this with your faggot hubby in person…but we both know he’s a coward and would never show up! Don’t forget to show up for your part time job in the evenings…walking the streets as a 2 bit whore!

Response from MRFF Advisory Board member and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (Ret.).

TO:  “Nathan (last name withheld)” (though I seriously doubt that is your real name or that this is a real e-mail address)

Do you recall that line that Doc Holliday utters in the movie Tombstone?  If you do, you will recall that someone has just challenged the Earps and he’s a pretty fast gunslinger named Johnny Ringo.  But Doc Holliday, pretty fast himself—notably faster than Ringo—gets to Ringo first and looks dolefully at Ringo and says laconically: “I’m your huckleberry.”   If you’ve seen the movie, you know the rest of the story. 

But do you get that line?

Well, I’m your huckleberry.

I live in Virginia too and I am a member of the advisory board for the MRFF, of which Mickey Weinstein is the founder and president. 

Come see me, dude.  I’m your huckleberry.  I’m also an American, through and through.  I believe in the Constitution and many years ago I swore to defend it against all enemies, even domestic ones such as you. 

Perhaps too, when we meet each other, you can tell me the answer to something I am constantly puzzled by, and that is how you so-called Christians can be so vile, profane, undignified, ignorant, and incapable of using the English language well?  You all sound as if you just crawled out from under a rock or a garbage can. 

I’ll be waiting.  And my e-mail address is genuine. 

Lawrence Wilkerson, Colonel, US Army (Retired)

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  1. Kitty Ginelli

    Your both vial nasty people. And just because you carry a gun, and claim to be a protector of the constitution; you find ones use of that very constitution vial. His right to his free speech is responded with intolerance and the bigotry of an entire religion- My Religion. You “My Huckleberry” are not, by any definition, an American. Nor are you a protector of my constitution.

  2. Kitty Ginelli

    You’re both vial nasty people. And just because you carry a gun, and claim to be a protector of the constitution; you find ones use of that very constitution vial. His right to his free speech is responded with intolerance and the bigotry of an entire religion- My Religion. You “My Huckleberry” are not, by any definition, an American. Nor are you a protector of my constitution.

  3. Kurt Van Tassel

    Poor Kitty Kitty—–I think you may have forgotten why this exchange took place to begin with. This fellow named Nathan got his panties in a wad because some of us expect our constitution to be the law of the land and are willing to stand up when it is being violated as well the articles of our military. You seem to think Nathan is the only one afforded free speech and that My Huckleberry should have sweet talked him when he responded presumably because it would have made you feel better. Sorry to inform you of this but all of us have the right to respond in kind which is exactly what My Huckleberry did — to a point. Be glad it was not me responding. I don’t have the couth My Huckleberry displayed.

  4. Paula George

    My, my, my! Such an interesting exchange! First we have “Nathan” who, it would appear, is seven years old and has been listening to his big brother and his friends using “bad words” and wants to see what happens when he says them. He’s lucky his granny didn’t see that email…. “Nathan” has exercised his First Amendment right to free speech–in an extremely dubious manner–which is all well and good, but his action does not absolve him of the natural and logical consequences of that speech. That’s what folks like “Nathan” forget–sometimes the perverse things you say have a way of coming back to bite your in the butt!
    Then we have the colonel with his measured and literate response to “Nathan,” offering an invitation to visit with him in person and an opportunity to clarify the reasons so many who call themselves “Christian” have such filthy mouths. Col. Wilkerson succinctly explains his commitment to this country and its constitution by reminding all of us that he, like all members of the military and the three branches of the federal government as well as many others in government’s employ took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I am certain he did not take that oath lightly.
    Along comes “Kitty” who accuses both men of being bad, bad boys. It appears that “Kitty’s” first language is not English, as her response is so mangled as to be nearly unreadable. (For Goddess’ sake, woman, the word is “vile,” not “vial.” A “vial” is a small glass container, like a test tube. You do know what a test tube is, right?) She chastises the colonel for what she believes to be a quashing of “Nathan’s” free speech, forgetting, of course, that freedom is not license, and any sort of speech–even in this case, where “Nathan’s” ranting does not fall under any constitutional caveat–has consequences. She adds her own personal warped interpretation of the colonel’s response and then goes on to criticize that interpretation that she created as if it were the colonel’s own. Interesting deflection but extremely transparent, I might add. She also adds a few insults (so there!!) which certainly contribute a great deal to the conversation….
    And here comes Kurt–thank goodness, back to sanity. Good, cogent response, well modulated and intelligent. So we have two folks who know about as much about the constitution as I know about string theory spouting off in obscene and incoherent ways and two gentlemen who are calm, cool, and collected as they try to make sense of the nonsense with which they are confronted. Kurt, Colonel Wilkerson–thank you! It’s good to know there is such wisdom available to us all. “Nathan” and “Kitty”–what can I say (that won’t be cursed or twisted)? Nothing, I think. You might consider doing the same (thinking, I mean).

  5. jimbo

    non-existent supernatural beings inform those like Nathan, the force behind that drive is the belief of Christianity and Islam that the respective religions demand adherents convert others. The founders recognized the peril, and gave us separation of church and state. But success means power, and the urge is strong. Praise reason. And Colonel Wilkerson.

  6. Bob

    Mikey Weinstein is a crook

  7. Mike VandeVenter

    What an interesting response. Nathan is clearly very hot headed, and perhaps not very bright. I would like to note something about the response however.

    Nathan never said he was a Christian. I find it interesting that Mr. Wilkerson jumped to that conclusion and decided to attack all Christians in his response. Also, just because you don’t like someone, or disagree with them, does not make them a Domestic Enemy. That’s demonizing your ,and while popular with the two party system, I would hope a retired Army Officer would not play such games.

    I am pleased to hear that the Commander is investigating this issue, and I am confidant that he will find no fault in simply having a bible sitting on the desk. I would hope that common sense would show through. After all, it could mean religious head gear is also on display and should be banned.

    I do wish that they would expand this investigation. Clearly unlawful entry took place, clearly someone was trying to undermine their commander, and while in that office taking pictures, what else did he take pictures of? Whoever it was isn’t someone you would trust with a security clearance.

    I see in the photo that the bible was behind the officer’s keyboard, not exactly how to display a shrine, but if he was taking pictures from behind the keyboard how do we know he didn’t attempt, or achieve, to gain access to the computer attached to it? Possible Espionage?

    I’m curious, did you Pay for those photos?

    Anyway I know you’re busy fighting to deny people religious freedom so I’ll let you go.


  8. G

    In the book Marine, Colonel Puller received a nasty letter from a person accusing the colonel of being a coward and challenging him to a gun fight. The good colonel sent a letter back to the person asking the person for a time and place for a gun fight. The person never replied to Colonel Puller’s letter.

    I am glad that Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson response back to Nathan. For the last 36 years, too many nice people have put up with insults and threats from people like Nathan. It is about time to respond in kind to people like Nathan in order to make them aware of the consequences of their actions. Sometimes, rough and tough language is the only language people like Nathan understand.

  9. D

    The man writes in a language that scum like weeniestein understands. You assjockies are real good at denying the rights of others and then claim to be defenders of the Constitution. You and slimestein are full of crap. But then self inflated libtards usually are. Your hatred for the Bible and it’s existence drives you leftist fools nuts. You need some couch time Mikey, you’re seriously screwed up between the ears. From what I’ve read, colonel douchbag needs some time there also.

  10. Connie

    Name calling? Check
    Invoking “Twue American”? Check
    Loosing ones mind because the rules apply to everyone? Check
    Threats against the Weinsteins? Check

    Ooooo. Ooooo. BINGO!!!! I have Bingo! What did I win?

  11. Angela Schweig

    Oh, Connie! You’ve made my day!

  12. Convivencia

    The Salem Witch Trials preceded both the Declaration of Independence as well as the U.S. Constitution.

  13. G

    No D, it is people like you and your fellow right wing conservatives that are full of cow dung and you being so fanatic about the Bible is driving yourselves nuts and need to seek mental help.

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