9/16/16 MRFF’s Phenomenal Constitution Day Triumph – MRFF’s Demand for Bible Removal Met at Eglin Air Force Base Allergy Clinic!

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    I read this and thought, this retiree is such a little baby if he gets offended by just a bible among some other magazines. I am sure it is not like they come every day to this clinic and what about those who may be offended that it was removed. There are much bigger fish to fry and get offended about like babies being murdered in the womb, gay teachers molesting their students, terrorists murdering innocent people. I think this retiree just needs to chill out. I wonder if they would have been just offended if there was a Playboy magazine on the table in plain sight?

  2. Connie

    Move along says Josh. Nothing to see here…

    Except blatant disregard for the Constitution.

    So many other events to concern ourselves about he says…

    Except this is the front. It is here the battle for our freedom is waged against theocrats.

    If I gave Josh here a free pass, he’d have bibles – and only his holy book mind you – everywhere. Here’s an exercise Josh. What if the book was from another faith. Would you be so tolerant? I already know you’d have kittens if the Satanists left some reading material.

    Ps nice mention of gays molesting students. Back your statement with facts you bigot.

    To counter your ignorance I have pages of evangelical ministers who were caught (arrested and jailed) sexually exploiting the children in their congregations. I have facts, yes I do. How about you?

  3. Connie

    Also – how is playboy appropriate in a military medical office?

    What is wrong with you? Did you skip human decency lessons?

  4. G

    Mr. Rownd, what about the 45,000 people being murdered by the HMOs every year because they are unable to afford health care insurance?

    What about the wealthy people committing environmental murder when they constantly pollute the ground, air, and water and the CEOs never get heavy prison time or the death penalty?

  5. Eric

    Connie please stop throwing out the satanist argument. That is a red herring argument that has been drug out and used so many times that it is laughable. Argue for your religious freedoms all you want but how about something a little more pertinent. How many satanist do you actually know? That’s what I thought

  6. Connie

    Eric, Argh and have ye read the terms and conditions for bein’ a Satanist? The rules are more like guidelines – if you get my drift. And, if you’d done your research you’d know the foundation of their mission is to advance logic and critical thinking skills.

    A subtle play that Josh would object to a missive which promotes logic and free thinking.

    You don’t get to tell me what to say or not say. If you had a better example you could have used it. Instead you bashed me. Telling. Very telling.

  7. Steven

    Eric, how many people of any group do I need to meet before I know that protecting their rights is important? Connie’s comment is accurate, as the one of the main reasons satanists distribute their literature is to make this exact point.

    As Joshua pointed out, who authorizes any publication put in a prominent location where military personnel are required to visit? If it is authorized by the U.S. military, it is not personal speech, and should not favor any one religion.

    Similarly, if a playboy magazine is on display, it would appear that the OIC of that clinic was authorizing its presence. I know it was an attempt at an absurd extrapolation, but the U.S. military’s restrictions on offensive speech and religious speech are quite separate. Next time, try to find a religious text that it would be inappropriate to promote in a military waiting room. Some examples to choose from: the Satanic Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, the Talmud, and the Bible. Wikipedia has a huge list, if you need more examples.

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