Todd Starnes of Fox News Covers MRFF

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Someone please explain to me how a person, Bradley Manning, a prisoner in Levenworth serving 35 years in prison will have gender reassignment on the taxpayers dime, yet cadet football players at West Point cannot pray after a game to thank God for a win. This is pure insanity don’t you think?

  2. Connie

    Well Josh,

    I’m of the opinion I could give you facts but you would not accept them. How do I know?

    First – you called Chelsea by her birth name letting me know you hold no respect for transgendered folk or anyone who identifies as LGBTQA.

    Second – there are multiple entries about the prayer, about how it violated the rules, how the involvement of the team coach forced everyone on the team to follow the coaches faith…. There are many reasons but you want to focus on outrage, not logic.

    When a person is accustomed to priveledge equality will feel like oppression.

    Forcing anyone to pray has never been ok. Glad the world is waking up to the bully tactics of Domionists.

    Regarding your closing comment – True insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result each time. The world has tried theocracy. It doesn’t work and results in oppression and violence.

    PS – Chelsea is in prison therefore all her medical care (mental and physical) is paid by the taxpayer. Only way to ensure she pays the docs is to let her go free.

  3. Joshua Rownd

    Well Connie,

    I can have respect for a person as someone made in the image of God, but I do not have to respect or approve of their sin! I called him Bradley because that is how he is known to God. He was born male and will die a male in the eyes of God and will appear before Him for judgement as a man, not as a woman. As I just recently said, we are born in the image of God, not in the image we perceive ourselves to be or think we should be. This false image is nothing but a lie from the Great Liar the bible calls Lucifer or Satan. Satan has been trying to screw up the image of God since the Garden, because he hates all that God has created!

    Bradley may have surgery, but there is no guarantee that he will be any happier than he is now. There are many testimonies of those who have regrets after having surgery and have decided to return to the biological sex they were created or sadly have taken their own life because what they thought would bring them happiness was just a lie! The only happiness we can have is found in God and His Son Jesus Christ.

    You may want to become familiar with this website – and the story of Walt Heyer who went from being male to surgery to become a woman and then back do being a male.

    No tax payers should not have to pay for someone’s surgery to destroy what God did not intend or intend in the first place whether it be gender reassignment surgery or abortion.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    Hello Connie,

    I found this article today about Walt Heyer –

  5. Connie

    Ding ding ding !!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry – you are basing law and judgement on your beleif in a deity. This IS the USA. We ARE a secular nation.

    Thank you so much for playing.

    Better luck next time.

  6. Joshua Rownd


    There is a God, only one, who hates sin and blesses righteousness, and whether this is a secular or religious government, all human beings will answer for their sins one day.

    I sense such egotism in you, but only a fool says in their heart there is no God.

    You lose, better luck next time!

  7. G

    Mr. Rownd, Christ died for our sins; however, people are still committing sins so I guess they really did not believe or fear God. It was a real waste in Christ dying for us when it was all for nothing.

  8. Bernard Valentin

    Funny how liberalism is only a one way conversation. Connie why is it that I’m the bad person for calling Bradley by his name and you are the ‘enlightened guru’ because you recognize him as a woman, Which he is certainly not. I’m not entitled to my opinion unless it is a liberal opinion? Because I am smart enough to realize that by merely cutting off his ding-dong he did not change his DNA to a woman, I am a bad person. No way around science Connie, Bradley’s a man whether he calls himself Bradley or Chelsea. Even if he gets some fool like you to call him Chelsea, He’s still a man. Whiteout on a birth certificate is a weak argument and is hardly proof, in my world at least.

    It is a lot easier fool people than to convince them that have been fooled.
    -Mark Twain

  9. Mark Sebree


    Interesting how you are coming across in the same manner as you accuse “liberalism”. On the matter of Chelsea Manning, you are basically saying that you refuse to accept her sex change because of your beliefs, as if they have any bearing in the matter. Your world does not necessarily have any bearing on the real world. To the best of my knowledge, transgenderism has not been extensively studied by science, so whatever the biological basis for it is unknown. However, I do know that transgenders go through extensive counseling before hormonal treatments and before reconstructive surgery, so it is not done on a whim.

    Perhaps you should look deep inside yourself, and ask yourself why you refuse to address transgenders by their preferred gender.

  10. G

    Mr. Valentin. Conservatism has been and always will be a one-way conversation.

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