MRFF Covered in Patheos / Friendly Atheist – VA Staffer Hauled Away By Cops After Questioning Proselytizers Who Had No Right To Be in Hospital

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  1. G

    Kind of like dealing with bullies and bad police officers. The authorities go after you when you reported bullies and bad cops to them or you stand up to the bullies and to the bad cops.

  2. Deplorable Patriot

    Praise God for the VA in cops in Phoenix. Sounds like the type of city I would like to live in. Blue Lives Matter!

  3. Deplorable Patriot

    I wonder if it would matter if the people did have permission to hand out bibles? What if is was the VA chaplain handing out bibles? Let’s just face the facts here, Mikey Weinstein just hates the bible and the God associated with that.

  4. G

    Where are your facts that Weinstein hates the Bible? The fact is that you have no facts at all.

    Doesn’t matter if the people have permission or not, they were violating the separation of state and religion.

  5. Tom O

    Employee finds people in his workplace who were told by his employer not to be there, and asks them if they have his employer’s permission to be there. Trespassers verbally attack employee, who responds in same way. Police remove employee, allowing trespassers to remain. Deplorable Patriot supports the police’s actions, because the trespassers were handing out bibles.
    Would DP feel the same about this incident if the trespassers were handing out copies of atheist literature, or the Baghavad Gita, or the Book of Mormon, or Watchtower pamphlets, or the Koran? Will DP answer that question? If he does, will his answer show readers how much DP thinks that the coercive powers of the US government should be used to push HIS religious beliefs?
    Is DP the latest re-incarnation of RevBob/YeshuaWarrior?

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