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  1. American Patriot

    Give instead to Jewish organizations in Israel so they can help those who lost homes in the terrorist arson fires that were set all over Israel.

  2. G

    AP, the USA taxpayer have given billions in economic and military aid to Israel so there is no need to give to Jewish organizations.

  3. American Patriot

    Yes there is G, because there is always a blessing when you bless Israel, especially since the whole nation was recently on fire, started by Palestinian arsonists. Where is your sense of humanitarian good will, or are you just anti-Zionist?

  4. G

    Let the Zionists fund their own defense and let’s spend our money creating manufacturing jobs, free college education, free medical care, and repairing our transportation system. That is humanitarian good will,after all does charity begins at home, is it not?

    Where is your proof that you received a bless when you bless Israel?

    Anti-Zionist? The usual accusation people like you always give to people who have legal complaints against Israel.

  5. Connie

    Hi G. I don’t have your knowledge of Israel and all the political and legal issue that abound. What I do know is Anti-Patriots End Times Review and Talent Show won’t occur if Isreal isn’t billed as a star. Therefore AP and other Dominionists before will support a foreign country over the one they live in, and assumedly hold citizenship.

    I wish I had money – MRFF would be funded. Instead I have my words to do battle with the likes of Anti-Patriot. I do hope my words help.

  6. G

    LOL Connie, thanks.

  7. American Patriot

    Oh Connie,

    The end times will occur no matter what, and Israel will be the focal point. Jesus will not return to the United States or Russia, or the United Kingdom, He will return back to Israel specifically Jerusalem where He left from and will set up his 1000 year theocracy from there, were all men and nations must bow their knees to Him and worship Him as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Hallelujah!

    All men, women and nations from the least to the greatest will have no choice but to bow to Him!

  8. G

    “All men, women and nations from the least to the greatest will have no choice but to bow to Him!”

    I guess God will have to build more prison cells in Hades to accommodate all those people who are non-Christians through no fault of their own. What about all those babies who died at childbirth or shortly after childbirth who did not get much of a chance to bow to God?

  9. American Patriot

    I will send Mikey a lump of coal for a year end gift!

  10. G

    ” I will send Mikey a lump of coal for a year end gift!”

    Fine display of brotherly Christian love or rather the lack of it.

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