11/8/16 – MRFF Victory! Christian Calendar Removed at Wright-Patterson AFB Hospital

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  1. Deplorable Patriot

    A calender, wow such pettyiness! Did it occur to anyone that this may have not been a “Christian” calendar but one of famous quotes by people? There is no scripture reference on the calendar at all. Just goes to show that Mikey hates any reference to or related to Christianity. I wonder if Mikey would have the calendar removed if there was a reference from the Talmud on one of the pages? I wonder if Mikey is even smart enough to know what the Talmud is in the first place?

  2. Deplorable Patriot

    Interesting, this is the person who made this quote: The author of the passage is Jacques Mallet du Pan, royalist propagandist, journalist, and pamphleteer. I bet he was not even a Christian either. This shows how stupid Mikey really is to think it was a Christian quote.

  3. Roman

    The “Deplorable Patriot” should read a bit more. The quote as given on the calendar is most often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Jacques Mallet du Pan wrote something similar to but not exactly, what we read. It was attributed to Mr Franklin in a book written by Henri Martin, Martin’s history of France: The decline of the French monarchy, published in 1866

    As a “royalist”, M. du Pan, was actually attacking Mr Franklin on the basis of Ben’s favoritism toward the revolutionaries who wished to create a more egalitarian society. Translating a portion of what du Pan wrote would seem to show us that Ben was in favour of what would be seen as a communist state today: “. . . he who would carry on the political state the principles of primitive Christianity, would change the face of society. Equal absolute terms, community property, Republic of poor and brothers without Government Association”

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