12/1/16 – MRFF Stops Distribution of Christian Religious Materials in Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Waiting Areas

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  1. G

    Another victory AP for the MRFF. I suppose now that it proves that prayer doesn’t always work or was it God’s will that let MRFF win this round and that the Christians were interfering in his divine plan.

  2. American Patriot

    Christians cannot interfere with God’s divine plan, but God has given man a free will to disobey Him, but we can always place more books there and walk out. God’s will is always to share our faith even it it is against he law of man! I would much rather be found guilty of obeying God rather than obeying man!

  3. G

    If God was perfect, then he would not have given people free will to disobey; otherwise, why did he have created Hell in the first place if he knew in advance that people would disobey him? God really did not figure that one out, didn’t he?

    You may get away with replacing the books; however, if you get caught, you can be charged with trespassing.

    Share our faith? Yeah, you want to tell that to the Native Americans, the Arabs, the Africans, and non-Christian people of Europe who had to deal with religious crusades, imperialism, colonialism, and mercantilism?

  4. American Patriot

    There are Christians sharing their faith all over the world as I type, hundreds of thousands of Muslims are turning to Christ every day, there major revivals that are happening all over the globe, there are hundreds of underground churches in China as Chinese are coming to Christ in droves right now. Nobody can put out the Spirit’s fire!!! Jews in Israel are having their eyes opened to realize that Yeshua is their true Messiah as Messianic congregations keep popping up all over the country.

    I saw the other day where the king of Poland and the Catholic church publically announced that Jesus Christ is the king of Poland. Soon, Jesus will be the King of all the Nations and every man, woman and child will have to bow their knees to Him and worship Him! Cannot wait to see you bow your knees G and Connie as well to King Jesus!

  5. G

    “I saw the other day where the king of Poland and the Catholic church publically announced that Jesus Christ is the king of Poland.”

    Poland doesn’t have a king. The last Polish King was Frederick Augustus I of Saxony and his reign ended in 1815.

    Thousands of Muslims are turning to Christ every day? If that was true, we would not be stuck in Afghanistan and Iraq for the last 15 years now would we? Chinese coming to Christ in droves? Of, if that was true, the Communist government should have fallen a long time ago. Having a huge religious population doesn’t mean a thing when you have people in the political, social, and economic sectors of the government determine to keep their status quo like the Pharisees in the Bible.

  6. Connie

    People open their eyes
    To see for the good of all
    And may they harm none

    Love is unique and
    Beautiful which is why
    It is triumphant.

  7. American Patriot
  8. G

    Since when does the USAFA have any common sense?

  9. American Patriot

    Yes they do G!

  10. G

    No, they do not AP; otherwise, they would not be losing to Weinstein.

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