ONE NEWS NOW COVERS MRFF – “Chaplain’s advice to Pentagon: Just ignore Mikey”

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  1. American Patriot

    Mikey does not even have a chance here, he just does this to raise more money to line his pockets.

    I love some of the comments at the end of this article, especially this one – “To President Trump and The Pentagon….demand that if this clown shows up at ANY military installation that he be TOLD to leave and NEVER come back under threat of a “cottage room” in Levenworth. If he speaks of religious practices in the military then file an article of treason in subverting our National Defense. This practice along with Obama and his social engineering in the military by rule of law are acts of treason against our country and military. If that doesn’t work, put them in a foxhole in afganistan and see if they start praying. Anybody have a “helmet cam”?

    I think once Trump is in office, a clarion call will be sent out by Evangelicals to Trump to have MIkey arrested if he steps one foot on any military installation. Mikey will look good in matching bracelets.

  2. Mark Sebree

    AP, (a better name for you would be “Anti-Patriot”, since you do not show any signs of being patriotic to the USA and her ideals.)

    As usual, you are showing your ignorance and intolerance. Speaking of religious practices is protected by the First Amendment. Filing against the government for redress of grievances is also protected by the First Amendment. Practicing your First Amendment rights is not treason. President Obama did not commit treason, which is why he was never charged with that or any crime. And Mikey already prays 3 times a day, so you would prove nothing, as usual.

    What’s more, phone calls do not require Mikey “to set one foot on a military base”. If the military ignores him, he can and likely will take them to court. Then the military will have to defend their actions in light of US law, military regulations, and the US Constitution.

    And here is one more tidbit for you. Unless the person is a member of the military, a military dependent, a military retiree, a civilian who works on the base, or is a civilian that has been asked onto the base, that person cannot walk onto a military base in the first place. Mikey knows this, even if you do not.

    Mikey does not have to worry about your ravings, nor the opinions of those like you who are ignorant of the law and the military.

  3. American Patriot

    Mikey praying 3 times a day means nothing to God, He will not hear his prayers because his heart is far from Him in the first place. David wrote in the Psalms that if I harbored sin in my hear the Lord will not hear me!

    I doubt that Mikey’s taking the military to court would be laughed upon my every military JAG, and it would be thrown out as we have already seen before, Mikey has not won a single court case yet.

  4. Connie

    Anti- patriot says Mikey hasn’t won a court case yet. Citation please?

    As I understand life, winning a battle without having to go before a judge is still winning. If court is not involved it means those Mikey and the MRFF oppose know their actions were incorrect and counter to military regulations.

    Only in anti patriots view is this somehow considered a “loss”. Mr Orwell, you did predict the future!

  5. G

    AP, how does fighting extreme Dominionist bigotry in the military constitute treason and constitute a sin? You need to see a constitutional lawyer to tell you what is treason.

    Yeah and what good are your prayers if they are interfering in God’s divine will and his plan?

  6. American Patriot

    God’s will and plan is to bring His kingdom here to earth. In your minds I am a Dominionist, in God’s eyes I am a servant of the Lord. I first pledge my allegiance to my King and my God before any country or flag. It is the Lord Christ I serve not men!

  7. G

    You have not answered my questions about how fighting Dominionist bigotry constitute treason and a sin; however, I am not surprised nor disappointed. If you pledge your allegiance to God, then you need to become a citizen of the Vatican and renounce your American citizenship or became a citizen of Israel since you can so much about them than your fellow Americans.

  8. American Patriot

    We are not bigots if we stand up and fight against sin and seek to bring biblical values into our culture where we live. We do not want to see our nation go to hell in a hand basket as it has been for a long time.

    I am not Catholic and the Vatican is a false church, built on man’s worship of idols and dead saints and the veneration of Mary who was a sinner like the rest of us, but chosen by God to give birth to His Son. I can be an American citizen, but my first duty is to God not to my country. All believers are to obey God rather than men. As far as being a citizen of Israel that will come in due time, when we return with Christ and rule the nations with Him.

    Have a good evening.

  9. G

    Well, then all the other Christian denominations are fake too, since they believe in somewhat of the same things that the Catholics do.

    You are bigot when you commit things like murder when it comes to shoving religion down throats in places like North America, Africa, Asia and back up wealthy people who don’t give a care about the rest of the world.

    The country has been a hand basket since this country was founded because the wealthy people including many religious people have done everything to keep the people down. Money and power are their Gods, period.

  10. taosword

    If one were to follow “Biblical Values” either in the US in general or the military, we would be having specific rules on how to treat our slaves, and we would be practicing human sacrifice rituals, and continuing fighting wars “with God on our side”, and be having “Shria Law” or something as radical as it. The Military Religious Freedom organization is one of the few organizations that is a watchdog for potentially dangerous and unconstitutional behaviour in the military. The Pentagon has allowed fundamentalist, revelationist Christians into their doors to preach on the end times and try and influence our officers into some kind of Holy War. Micky is fighting for all of us, even if it seems nit picking to get radical Christian pamphlets out of the waiting rooms of VA clinics and military hospitals. The stuff belongs in the Chapels along with all the other faith’s materials if at all.

  11. G

    We would also follow Biblical values we would be killing our children over everything and anything thus we have no recruits to replace all our dead, mentally/physically disabled, and retired soldiers:

  12. American Patriot

    Christians or Jews are not killing their children G, good night. It is the liberals that are killing all the children, in fact more than 60 million of them by now.

  13. G

    Christians are killing children slowly but surely. Half the world’s population is still trying to live on anywhere from $2 to $10 due to corporate greed caused by Christians CEOs. The Wal-Mart Family has more wealth than the combined 44% of the lowest poor population in the USA.

    60 million? Yeah that is a good one. Not all abortions are committed by liberals. The world’s population is shrinking because due to the various economic meltdown by CEOs in the 1990s and 2008 many people have put off getting married and having kids.

  14. G

    The conservatives are just equally for causing the abortions considering the fact that they have committed it themselves directly or indirectly since many of those conservative women and men help create the pregnancy in the first place that ultimately led to the abortion. In addition, the conservatives have refused to fund a comprehensive sex education program to reduce pregnancy.

  15. G

    “fact more than 60 million of them by now.”

    You talking about it for this year alone? Well according to this website, the number of abortion add up to only about 40,000 per year since 1980 and it doesn’t keep track of who is doing the most killings?

  16. American Patriot

    No, 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade went into effect.

  17. G

    Well, I am talking about worldwide so you can blame this on the liberals alone.

  18. G

    I meant to say you can’t blame this on liberals alone.

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