12/29/16 – BREAKING: MRFF Stops Christian Proselytizing at U.S. Army Base’s Child Development Center in Less than 20 Hours

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  1. American Patriot

    Ah how sad, well at least that young Jewish girl heard the truth that Jesus is her long awaited Messiah. A seed has been planted in her of the truth and we pray that many will come along in her life to water and one day she gives her heart to Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

    That day may come sooner than later as the new Sec of Education wants to return prayer to the classrooms of America!

  2. Mark Sebree

    So, you would have had no problem with Muslim teachers trying to convert your daughter to Islam when she was in Kindergarten, correct? Or perhaps Buddhism, or convincing your daughter that no deities existed, and there is no afterlife? Or perhaps teaching her that there was a god and goddess from the Wiccan faith? Or that there were hundreds of thousands of deities as in Hinduism?

    I know that you will not understand these questions, so I will spell it out for you. In EVERY case that I mentioned above, somebody is treating your daughter as you advocate that the teachers in the story treat the young Jewish lady. If you object to other people trying to convert your daughter when she is 4 or 5 years old to a religion other than yours while on the government payroll, why do you expect other people to not object when teachers try to convert their children to some other religion besides the parents while on the government payroll?

    After all, from your own mythology comes the phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you want to convert other people’s children to your religion, then you must want other people to convert your children to their religion.

  3. Jaco

    and BOOM goes the dynamite.

  4. Mark Sebree


    Well, Mythbusters is running a marathon on the Science channel of all their episodes from beginning to end (11 days). That should supply plenty of dynamite. Or at least cover the sound of Anti-Patriot’s fuses blowing.

  5. American Patriot

    Ha, what you call a myth, history calls a fact!

    Psalm 10:4 (TLV)

    4 The wicked one, with his nose in the air, never seeks Him.
    All his thoughts are: “There is no God.”

  6. Mark Sebree


    You claiming that your mythology is actually history only shows your ignorance and willful blindness. I call your mythology a mythology because it fits the definition extremely well. Your quote from your mythology is only an excuse to keep your mind closed and refuse to even consider anyone else’s point of view.

    A person can be considered to be wicked by their actions, not their beliefs. You, by your actions and by the actions that you support, show that you are in fact the “wicked one”. You only use the Bible to demean others and to try (unsuccessfully) to support your personal prejudices, bigotry, intolerance, misogyny, irrationality, ignorance, and other failings.

    You did not address anything in my post of substance. All you did was to take a single, accurate word from my post, and then show your ignorance and irrationality. But then, you cannot support your claims anyway, and all you can do is run away from the truth, the facts, and reality.

  7. American Patriot

    “You only use the Bible to demean others and to try (unsuccessfully) to support your personal prejudices, bigotry, intolerance, misogyny, irrationality, ignorance, and other failings.”. Same old talking points that every liberal uses!

    I find the one about misogyny really fun, since you do not know me at all and how I treat the women in my life! What is also funny is the one about intolerance, since those who call for intolerance are the most intolerant of them all!
    Just remember Mark, when you point one finger at someone else, there are four pointing back at you.

    The reality is Mark, Jesus is no myth, even historians have written about him including the famous Jewish historian Josephus!

  8. Connie

    AP the pig, your mysogny is displayed every time you ignore my questions only to tell me I’m going to hell. If you treated the obvious male commentators the same way I wouldn’t be able to say that about you.

    The pig wrote: “Same old talking points that every liberal uses!” And “What is also funny is the one about intolerance, since those who call for intolerance are the most intolerant of them all!”

    Your record of intolerance is clear for everyone to read. Your own words condemn you. As for the adjectives Mark listed, those aren’t ‘talking points’ pig. They are descriptors for theocratic traitors such as yourself. After all, divorce is a bigger sin in the bible than gay sex and yet you salivate at the thought of a thrice married serial adulterer assuming control of the USA. You don’t even mind Russia’s involvement.

    I get it – you are not capable of independent thought. You spout what you were taught to say. I wish your eyes were opened to see the truth.

    About that pointing fingers thing – when you accuse a side of vile behaviors understand you are pointing four times harder at yourself.

    Just a thought pig. Just a thought

  9. Tom O

    Notice that AP still has no answer to the questions in Mark’s 10:11AM12/31 comment. If he did, he’d have to either admit that government employees, while on the job, shouldn’t try to push their religious beliefs onto children whose parents have different religious beliefs, or admit what he really wants: government promoting HIS religion as superior to all other religions, because HE says HIS religion is superior. That’s how reality-deniers like AP operate: if something contradicts your beliefs, pretend it doesn’t exist.

  10. Mark Sebree


    If you reread what I wrote, for understanding this time, you will see that I include actions you support. Your words support many things that would harm women, including your daughter. You might not think that your positions harm women, but there are many women who would disagree, starting with Connie. Denying women rights to self-determination and control over their own lives, health, education, reproduction, and careers, as well as demanding that they kowtow and be subservient to men is extremely harmful to them.

    You have refused to answer my initial questions about proselytizing to young children by government employees to get them to convert to different religions from their parents. You have tried to divert the discussion to avoid addressing the pertinent issue by zeroing in on a single word that was accurate in context.

    I was addressing your mythology as a whole, not a single character and his supposed mythical feats. While your Jesus character may have existed (possible, but there is no independent, non-religious data supporting his existence), many of the feats attributed to him are impossible and did not happen. That is what makes that character as presented in your mythology fictitious. It is a fact that real people can have mythical and unlikely events attached to them, but that does not mean that those events actually happened. George Washington chopping down the cherry tree is a well known myth about our First President.

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