12/6/16 – CNN – 53 organizations to Trump: Dump Flynn as national security adviser – MRFF Was Proudly Asked to Sign on & be One of the 53 Organizations!

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  1. G

    Amazing this general was not court-martial and send to prison for leaking classified information to Pakistan; yet, we put people like Snowden and Chelsea Elizabeth Manning on trial for doing the same thing. Different spanks for different ranks.

    If this general is so anti-Mulsim, then he bother to leak information to a Muslim country plus having close business ties to the Turkish government?

  2. American Patriot

    That ain’t going to happen!

    G, you are being a little hypocritical here, what about Hillary, bit wiping her hard drive after she was supoenend to produce it. What about HIllary’s close ties to Saudi Arabia and received millions of dollars from them for her campaign and that the 9/11 terrorists were trained there.

  3. Connie

    Someone is lying – oh wait – making up facts just like their idol Don the Con. Careful pig, you know how jealous your deity gets.

    As for Hillary defying a subpoena! You really make me laugh with the stuff you believe without any basis in reality.

    Hillary and her legal team turned over to investigators everything they asked for. Working with Legal is a lot like dealing with the Fae: be very explicit when asking for something, leave nothing to be inferred or assumed. Mr Howdy Gowdy didn’t ask for the server at first, only the emails. She delivered and wiped the rest. And good for her! She won the game Republicans have used against her for the past thirty years.

    Where is your citation that Hillary took money from foreign nationals to fund her campaign. Where is your evidence? I looked around and found money donated to the Clinton Foundation but nothing to the campaign.

    By the way pig (AP) – those laws you spit upon state it’s illegal for foreign nationals to contribute to a campaign. I suggested you brush up on the Constitution before. Perhaps you should have listened to me.

    Be careful the sword you draw to use against your enemy for the blade cuts both ways (Life)

  4. American Patriot

    Michael Flynn and What He Means for Trump’s Foreign Policy
    Read more at https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Our-World-Michael-Flynn-and-what-he-means-for-Trumps-foreign-policy-474524#ICbtP2d3fyGOf85E.99
    Great article! Time to wipe out Iran all together!

  5. American Patriot

    This is very interesting!!

  6. G

    Yeah AP and the Nixon Administration ran a secret bombing war in Cambodia. The Reagan Administration ran an illegal arms sales with Iran and Oliver North stated that he was going to use the profits to run an off the wall, self-sustain intelligence that was not subject to Congressional oversight. The Dulles brothers ran their own private war using the CIA to overthrow the populist elected government of Hondorous. The same thing with the ITT company with regards to Chile in the 1970s when they help fund the military coup against Allende?

    How am I am being hypocritical when I stated that how can people who are so bigot against a group of people; yet, they are willing to have business dealing with them at the same time?

    What about the 5 million emails that were wiped out by Karl Rove and Bush, Jr., before they left the White House. I bet you there were some damaging incriminating evidence on more serious issues like lying to the American people about the WMDs.

    What about the Bush family’s ties to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? Better yet, what about the US government ties to that country even though they are Muslims?

  7. Connie

    Pig believes fake news
    Believes only pigs have rights
    Pig is wrong, of course

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