12/8/16 – MRFF’s Legal Counsel Files Request for DoD/IG to Formally Investigate USAFA Football Coach’s Christian Evangelizing via Twitter

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  1. American Patriot

    In little over a month from now Mikey, you will no longer be able contact the DoD/IG, We will encourage Trump to fire the current one and have one more conservative who will tell you to go pound sand.

    Business must be slow for Mikey that he as to contact the IG over a stupid twitter account. Mikey you would make more money being an ambulance chaser.

    I am sure the IG will just reply with crickets.

  2. jimbo

    WordPress, are you still so afraid of what I have to say that you continue to censor me? Such cowards. American Patriot, you will still face the same impenetrable barrier, the US Constitution, and its separation of church and state. When access to justice is removed, and the Constitution destroyed, then America will be over, and you Christian supremacists will reign. Until then, get a clue

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