12/8/16 – UPDATE: MRFF Covered in CS Indy – “AFA coach’s tweets spur demand for investigation”

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1 Comment

  1. jimbo

    this is my opinion. This coach is a member of what I call Christian supremacists, those who believe the Christian demand that adherents must convert others. In service to that demand they will lie (these tweets are examples of lies, they knowingly attempt to circumvent separation of church and state), hatred (so many to hate, muslims, those who seek abortions, atheists, on and on, in service to their god), murder and war. For those who believe in satan, these Christian supremacists are an example of satan in action, they seek dominion over this nation, and their actions are purely those of a satan. There appears to be a severe infection in our military, and it must end if this nation is to stay on the path to freedom.

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