NEWSMAX – Trump Is Religion-Friendly – Newsmax Blogger Bill Donohue References MRFF, Derogatorily of Course!

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  1. American Patriot

    This is all good news especially since he has surrounded himself with very strong Godly Evangelical leaders. Religious freedoms will be re-established in our nation again or made even stronger. I am encouraged that Trump has selected some strong Evangelical Christians for some positions in his cabinet led by Pence as his vice-president.
    Also, with three Supreme Court justices all in their 80’s, we could see them all croak while Trump is in office, and all replaced with pro-life Constitutional judges!
    May Jesus with Trump’s help make this nation strong again!

  2. G

    If Jesus expects Trump to help make this nation strong again, the Jesus is obviously a poor judge of character or rather a poor job of lack of character.

    What good is religious freedoms when the people don’t have any kind of economic freedom such as being able to go on strike without retaliation, having good wages to have a decent life, free college/vocational education, excellent medical care, etc? The many church denominations have been closing down their churches because the people are unable to give their regular money contributions at the Sunday worship because they have lost their jobs or working at jobs that are lower pay and/or at half-time, temporary jobs.

  3. American Patriot

    Well, God used Joseph who murdered an Egyptian, He used Moses who was not eloquent of speech, He used David who committed adultery and then became king of Israel whose lineage Jesus came from, He used Rahab a harlot to protect the spies of Israel, He used Peter who denied him three times and who went on to lead 3,000 to Christ in one day, He used Paul who killed Christians, so if God used these people He can use a Donald Trump to carry out His purposes here on earth.

    Once again, G, there is no way of having free education. because how are you going to pay the professors and keep all the lights on, and fund sports programs???

    I know of no churches who have closed down because of people could not give regular contributions, please give specific names and locations of such churches, that can be verified that was the reason.

  4. G

    Well I know of churches that have closed down because their parishioners lost their jobs due to the economic meltdown of 2008.

    You can have free education by having everyone particularly the wealthy people and corporations paying their share of taxes. The US government pass the GI Bill during the Second World War and provide housing and a monthly stipend to the GIs when they attend college. The education was free because a person doesn’t have to pay out of his/her pocket to attend college when it pay for collectively by everyone.

    God must then pretty stupid and irresponsible to use Trump as to carry out his will; therefore, he is not taking personal responsibility for his decision.

  5. G

    “no way of having free education”

    Yeah and all that talk about having “free market” and “free enterprise” is a myth considering the fact that this country has been run by wealthy people and corporations who do everything they can to keep their hold on the economy of the county by retaining control of government by getting their people elected at taxpayer’s expense and when their businesses fail, they get bailout by the government and hardly ever face prison time for what they have done to the economy.

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