1/31/17 – The 722: The Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s Statement on Trump’s “Muslim Ban” on Daily Kos and Huffington Post

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    This article is so ripe with hypocrisy. Have the liberals and progressives already forget that Obama did an order banning immigration from the same nations for 6 months that Trump is doing now, and his is only for 3 months. Also Jimmy Carter banned immigration from Iran after the embassy employees were taken hostage. Clinton also banned immigration from Islamic countries along with Reagan and Bush. Where was the outrage then when the Democrat presidents did the same thing as Trump is doing???

    For Mikey, where is your outrage that there are 16 Islamic countries that have banned Jews and Israeli’s from entering their countries all together? Do you think that Christians would be allowed to immigrate to Islamic countries, that would be a big fat NO!! After Israel became a nation in 1948, Jews were kicked out of the surrounding Muslim nations, where was the outrage and protests then??

    Also, where were all these liberal anarchists when thousands of Iraqi and Syrian Christians were being slaughtered by Muslim extremists by either having their heads cut off, burned alive, drowned in cages, crucified and those included little children as well. Where was the outrage then from liberals???

    Shall I remind you of what happened in Brussels or Paris, or the Christmas truck ramming in Germany, or Orlando, San Bernardino,or Boston?? All those terrorist attacks were my immigrants and refugees! Where was the outrage then???

    The Presidents first responsibility is to protect the citizens of his own nation first. Trump has set in place a ban to prevent further possible terrorists from entering our country, then when he lifts the ban he will first grant visas to the persecuted minorities in Muslim nations like the Syrian Christians!

    Have you even considered to check that there are American Muslims who have come out in favor of Trump’s temporary ban? I am sure one of those would be Zudhi Jasser, himself a Muslim and served in the Navy as a doctor retiring with the rank of Lt, Commander.

    I found it quite hilarious when the article said that “we are all Muslims.” Wow, so you want to identify with an religion and political ideology where they would kill you in an instant for being an infidel, even more so, they would love to kill Mikey for being a Jew. Does Mikey even know that the Quran says “look there is Jew hiding behind a rock, let’s go kill him.” So you want to identify with those who have no problem throwing gays off buildings and subjugation women where they are just less than a dog with no rights.

    So, if I see you wearing the Keffiyeh and caring an automatic weapon in the streets there, then I have the right to shoot you right??

    I encourage Mikey and the the rest who are pictured above including Joan and Connie and G to read this very good article, from the Old Testament scholar I have referenced before.


  2. Connie

    Dominionist reads
    Conservative news, misses
    Progressive outrage

    A couple of thoughts JR:
    • I will never agree with your Dr Brown. That is the beauty of the USA. We are allowed to agree to disagree. It’s guaranteed in the Constitution.
    • I can’t speak to other countries because I DON’T LIVE THERE!!!! I do live here and I’ll focus on the issues in my own backyard before focusing on the issues of others. Think global, act local.
    • The MRFF focuses on abuses in the USA military. They have no authority outside their client base. You continually confuse this fact to the point that maybe you aren’t so confused but willfully ignorant.
    • Why are you yelling at Mikey for exercising his First Amendment rights? This is his blog. We are guests here, well, I am. You? Well, your manners could use some improving.
    • The rules which govern the USA eschew any religion. A citizen is allowed to worship as they see fit but not allowed to push that faith on anyone else. Again, confused JR or willful ignorance?

  3. Connie

    PS – which book has a phrase “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”? Hmmmm. It’s on the tip of my tongue….

    Perhaps the founding fathers had it right – keep religion out of government to prevent another episode of The Inquisition or the Salem Witch trials. Never Again.

    Of course Dominionists dismiss my examples. After all, only women were targeted. (I wish I could say this is snark).

  4. Connie

    I decided to fact check our resident Dominionist. I do not have to accept lies. Resist! It is our patriotic duty.

    Per Snopes –

    CLAIM: President Obama banned immigration from Iraq for six months in 2011, but the media buried the story.

    Snopes rates the claim Mostly False

    WHAT’S TRUE: In 2011 the State Department’s issuance of SIV*s to Iraqi applicants slowed after two individuals in Kentucky were identified as having possibly been improperly screened; multiple national news outlets reported on the State Department visa processing slowdown while it was occurring and in subsequent years.

    WHAT’S FALSE: Neither President Obama nor the State Department banned or stopped those applications entirely; the slowdown affected a single type of visa from a single country (and not all entry from several countries); the slowdown occurred in order to implement enhanced screening procedures, which remained in place in January 2017.

    * SIV = Special Immigrant Visas created by Congress to help Iraqis (and later Afghans) who supported the United States in those conflicts.

    Full article is here: http://www.snopes.com/president-obama-ban-muslims-2011/

  5. Connie

    JR wrote “So, if I see you wearing the Keffiyeh and caring an automatic weapon in the streets there, then I have the right to shoot you right??”

    If JR decides to shoot a person for their headgear I would hope the case is prosecuted as a hate crime. With Lord Dumpnut (HT to Progressive Eruptions for the anagram of Donald Trump) as Emperor my hopes may be crushed.

    And hey? What happened to the 2nd Amendment right to carry a weapon? Oh yeah, that is an exclusive right for white heterosexual male Domionists. I forget this is no longer a democracy.

  6. Connie

    Regarding Dr Browns article.

    Extreme religious folk keep insisting their holy book is the basis of all they do and must be forced upon everyone else. I believe the attitude is known as convert or die.

    I chose the Constitution to guide my secular life a long time ago. I’d use it more in my posts but Dominionists treat that noble document worse than toilet paper (TP has a use after all). Therefore yes, I use the words enclosed in the Christian bible to berate those who would pick and choose the parts they want to follow and ignore the rest. Seems fair to me.

  7. G

    Hey JR. Crime seems to gone up instead of going down since the passing of the Stand Your Ground law was passed in Florida: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/florida-homicide-rate-increased-passage-stand-ground-law/story?id=43527659

  8. Joshua Rownd

    So you use that real authoritative website called Snopes, that has been proven to be inaccurate.
    Yes like Dr.Brown, I choose to put the Word of God over the Constitution, the Word of God is more authoritative than the Constitution written by mere men who were not inspired by the Holy Spirit to write it. When we all stand before God some day, we will not be judged based upon what is in the Constitution but what was written in His Word.


  9. Joshua Rownd

    What has that got to do with the price of rice in China these days??

  10. G

    Far as I am concern JR, it is the conservatives who are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to the Bible since they are the ones who are mouthing off about the lack of religious morality but are the ones who are occupying the key positions of power in the political, social, and economic arena and don’t use those positions to make life better for everyone else.

  11. G

    JR, you brought the thing about seeing Connie wearing a Keffiyeh and carrying an automatic weapon in the streets there, and then I asking the question about having the right to shoot to shoot her.

    I am telling you that due to the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, homicides have gone up and too many of them had nothing to do with self-defense. From what I heard, a gang member got off scot free with committing a murder because he invoked the Stand Your Ground law and the judge had to accept it.

    Regarding you taking the Word of God over the Constitution, those Founding Fathers were at least wise on how to write it. Frankly, many bad people don’t seem to fear God when they died.

    Regarding the Bible, is there any proof that the writers of the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit or that they saw the Holy Spirit who told them what to write?

  12. Connie

    JR writes: “So you use that real authoritative website called Snopes, that has been proven to be inaccurate.”

    Source? Because evidence is important. Or like Lord Dampnut, do you believe a thing true because you believe it to be true?

    Facts remain true no matter anyone’s personal opinion on the matter.

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