Killer Response to Hate Mail by MRFF Advisory Board Member John M. Compere (Judge and Brigadier General, US Army, Retired)

Email from detractor (response from John Compere below):

From: (name withheld)
Date: January 4, 2017 at 7:41:25 AM MST
To: Mikey
Subject: I knew immediately when I saw this article.

 I knew immediately when I saw this article regarding an attack on a squadron commander for the mere mention in an interview of his Christian faith, that the name behind it would be Jewish. It’s remarkable how predictable this is. If there were some way to place an even odds bet of $100 on who the detractor is in any article, or protest attacking Christianity, Christmas, Christian tradition etc, I’d be a very wealthy man by simply betting Jewish straight down the line.

In truth, if one looks into any such attack on the west, it’s traditional religion, or it’s traditional culture one finds the same is true. When one looks at the names on the spines of any textbook that divides or destroys western culture you find the names are almost entirely Jewish or belong to Jews who have anglicised their names. Be it radical feminism attacking masculinity and the traditional family, promotion of homosexuality, books that promote the idea of white guilt, gender theory which denies male and female even exist biologically. Even the funding for anything that creates division in the west such as “Black Lives Matter,” which concerns itself not with saving black lives but rather with attacking whites and police, and has created the deepest division between the races since the 1960’s. All Jewish written and promoted ideas, all Jewish funded.

Realize, before you attempt to simply write this off as hate, or simple antisemitism that I only speak of the recognition of patterns here. I first began to realize this just 4 years ago when my beloved niece came home from university fresh from women’s studies and gender studies, with a blooming hate for her own people, for men, and for capitalism. A look into the texts and the teachers revealed it was Jewish almost in it’s entirety. This sparked my interest and I began to find the same is true for the teachings and theory behind any anti western, anti Christian, anti traditional values. When I look, I can’t help but see this and wonder why it is so here in the west.


A son of the west

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member John Compere

Brigadier General, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American veteran (Vietnam)
Dear “son of the west”,
Your blatant antisemitism is nothing more than radicalized religious racism against fellow human beings, the Jewish people. History tells us this poisonous parochial prejudice originated in the disgraceful doctrinal discrimination of the foreign-based Roman Catholic Church, digressed into murderous malevolence & ghoulish genocide by German Hitler & the Nazis (who claimed to be faithful Catholics), and is contaminating with similar hatred many of the followers of Arabic Islam (who claim to be be faithful Muslims).
As a Son of the American West who was born, raised & educated an American Christian, I know & appreciate that Christianity is just a branch off of the ancient tree of Judaism and without the Jewish people there would be no Christianity. I also know that Jesus, his disciples & the biblical authors were all Jewish. Moreover, I first learned through the Christian church that God created all human beings equal in God’s image and it was good (Genesis 1:27&31). I also learned that that the second greatest commandment after loving God was to love one’s neighbor (Mark 12:31; Luke 10:27).
I am grateful for & enjoy a loving relationship with many friends & family members who are Jewish. Your hateful xenophobic version of Christianity is something I can neither comprehend nor respect. It brings to mind the wisdom of Renaissance Philosopher Machiavelli who wisely wrote those who cannot avoid being hostile to their neighbors are ungrateful to God (“Exhortation to Penitence”) & Enlightenment Philosopher Rousseau who pointedly penned “God makes all things good; man meddles with them and they become evil.. It is a very sad commentary on our humanity when one delusional hate-filled human like you believes in & boasts of hatred for fellow human beings.
There is only one man in the world and his name is All Men.
 There is only one woman in the world and her name is All Women.
 There is only one child in the world and the child’s name is All Children.

– Carl Sandburg (American writer, poet & 3 time Pulitzer Prize Winner)
Most Sincerely,
John Compere
Brigadier General, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American veteran (Vietnam)
MRFF Advisory Board Member
Texas rancher

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1 Comment

  1. Sed Vacante

    General Compere, Sir:

    Thank you for your courageous and honorable military service.

    Your argument against blatant antisemitism would carry much more weight if your fulmination weren’t an expression of rabid anti-Catholicism. You’re not doing Mikey any favors by reinforcing the misperception that MRFF is anti-Christian, Sir.

    S Vacante
    OIF / OEF / OEF

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