Right-Wing, Wrong Facts: Social Post Attacks Mikey






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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Well, he has spoken against the Most High God and His servants, that is true.

  2. Mark Sebree

    Just in case it is deleted, here is the reply that I wrote in her post (one of the times I wish that Facebook replies allowed for line returns):

    You might want to dig a little deeper. Protestant, evangelical, dominionistic “christianity” has been pushing hardest to convert our service men and women, and has the longest record of overtly and covertly punishing those under their commands that do not kowtow to their religion. If you know of examples in the military of officers and senior enlisted pushing their beliefs onto their subordinates, feel free to like Mikey know. You also need to check your facts. Mikey Weinstein served in the Reagan Whitehouse, but he has never been a Pentagon appointee. What’s more, there are no Pentagon religious appointees at all. And nobody named “Barry” has ever been in a position to appoint anyone to the Pentagon in any case. Mikey Weinstein does not belong to the Freedom From religion Foundation in any case. They are located in Madison, Wisconsin and headed by Dan Barker, a former minister, and Annie Laurie Gaylor. The FFRF has almost nothing to do with the military. Mikey Weinstein is the founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, or MRFF, and deals exclusively with religious freedom cases involving the military. The MRFF is also headquartered in New Albuquerque, Mexico. You are attributing cases to the wrong organization, and you are likely not familiar with the reasons why people complained about specific actions. The Mariott hotels are a private company, not a part of the federal government. Thus, they are allowed to have any religious books in the rooms of their hotels that they want since there is no violation of Church and State. What’s more, I doubt that you would be complaining if it was a Bible that was not removed, which also shows your hypocrisy. The hotels that Mikey has filed suits against, if he has, were ones located ONE military bases, or otherwise run by the federal government. The FFRF has sued a number of state and federal run hotels for having religious works in their hotel rooms, however. That is because, since these hotels were run by the state or federal government, such religious works in every room presents a perceived bias by the government towards that specific religion. None of the Baphomet monuments have been erected on military bases to the best of my knowledge, which is why the MRFF has not filed any complaints about them. Those monuments have usually been erected in from of state courthouses and otherwise on public property. And the reason why a few Baphomet monuments has been erected in the first place is because there were already existing on those same properties blatantly christian monuments, like some version of the 10 commandments. Someone complained to the FFRF about it, and they filed suit. When the state refused to take the christian monument down, usually by declaring the space a “public forum”, some enterprising groups have erected counter monuments, as was their right as defined by the state. If the state did not want non-christian monuments to be erected on state property, they should not have erected christian monuments on state property. The MRFF has never been a faith based charity, so it would never have been eligible. Besides, it was President George W Bush who created that office. President Obama merely continued it. The truth is that many of the Founding Fathers, especially the most influential ones, did not advocate the Bible. Many were Deists and Universalists, and neither group was very religious. The USA was never founded on the “moral precepts of Jesus Christ”, whatever your personal interpretation of that is. This country was founded with a separation of church and state, and our Constitution is a whole secular document. Our Founding Fathers knew from history what terrible devastation, intolerance, bigotry, and violence a state sponsored religious could wreck, and wanted their new country to avoid those pitfalls. “In fact James Madison argued Christianity would never be made a state religion due to Spanish Inquisition.” That might be your only accurate statement in your entire post. And that was one of the reasons why our country was not “founded on the precepts of Jesus Christ”, because it was those precepts that lead to the Spanish Inquisition. And by the way, you should not believe what a fake news site like Breitbart writes. Your post is nothing by half truths, confused claims, misattributions, ignorance, and falsehoods.

  3. G

    “Well, he has spoken against the Most High God and His servants, that is true.”

    Wrong as usual, Mr. Rowd.

  4. Tom O

    On which specific “moral precepts of Jesus Christ” was the USA founded? I’ve asked theocrats that question multiple times in different online debates, and have NEVER gotten any response. I predict the same this time.

  5. Tom O

    A week and no response from the theocrats: what a surprise!!!

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