2/8/17 – Female USAF Officer/MRFF Client at Langley AFB Outraged by Sexist and Faith-Based Posters

From: USAF Officer’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Outraged at ACC Sexist and Faith-Based Posters
Date: February 8, 2017 at 3:23:05 PM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein

Mr. Weinstein, Sir,

I am a female (USAF Officer’s rank withheld) in the United States Air Force stationed at Air Combat Command (ACC) Headquarters at Langley AFB, Virginia.

I have been an Air Force Officer for (number of years withheld) and currently work as a (ACC job description) in (ACC office unit designation withheld). Please keep all of my personal information confidential but the rest of what I am saying here is for use by the MRFF as you all see fit to fight and right this wrong.

I would like to state that I am a thankful MRFF client. I also want to state that I am outraged by the clearly sexist and male exclusivist messaging of the two posters currently on display here at ACC which were the subject of the February 7, 2017 AF Times article on a matter of protest brought by MRFF on my behalf and the behalf of 15 other ACC USAF personnel.

As a proud American woman and equally proud Officer in the USAF, those posters from an AF Manual from the mid-1950’s serve only as a hurtful reminder of the second class citizenship women had to suffer for generations prior to eventually being guaranteed equal status under the Constitution we all swear our oaths to support and defend. It took decades of sacrifice and advocacy by strong women (and men who cared) to provide us a level playing field today. But not at ACC it seems.

My own (familial relationship withheld) had to go through this while she was a cadet at the Air Force Academy. The infamous “Bring Me Men” sign was finally taken down in the Fall of 2004 but only after the AF Academy suffered terrible repercussions in the media from the sexual assault scandal revealed there in 2003.

Although I consider myself a Christian, I am also very offended by the obvious messaging of those two posters which mandates a necessity to have faith in “God” to be a proper airmen. But which “God” I ask myself?  Let me tell you, Mr. Weinstein, that there is little doubt about that. We get conservative Christianity shoved down our throats here enough by our middle and senior ACC leadership all the time. The public display of these two posters, with their words of required male and religious dominance, from a thankfully bygone era over 60 years ago are directly counterproductive to a functioning and effective ACC work environment. The USAF prides itself on “excellence” as a core value. Those posters are something far less. Must one be a woman or a non-Christian to understand this?

I do not wish to come forward at this time to anyone due to the almost certain likelihood of reprisal by my chain of command. I have spent considerable time making this decision with my family. Thank you Mr. Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for speaking for us to ACC leadership and eliminating the chance that I or the others you are representing can be targeted for speaking out against this sexist and faith-based injustice. Please do whatever you all can to have those posters removed from sight permanently.


(USAF Officer’s name, rank, AFSC, ACC office symbol, e-mail address and phone numbers all withheld)

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    This female officer is getting all bent out of shape by a poster reflecting a manual dated 61 years ago when women were not allowed as pilots etc. That is not the way now.

    She just needs to pull up her big girl panties, take her Midol and Prozac and just do her job!

  2. G

    And you need to join the 21st Century, JR and starting acting like a real religious person.

  3. G

    AF Manual 50-21, August 1955 needs to be removed from the Air Force Manual inventory since a manual is designed to help you repair machines, properly handled a weapon, learning about a subject, etc. And don’t tell me that it doesn’t exist because the Air Force has indirectly said that it does exist since they have put it underneath those two statements.

  4. Joshua Rownd

    That is the problem, I am not religious, I am committed and sold out to Jesus! What does a 21st Century person look like? Do you mean they are PC, and accept everyone’s sinful lifestyle, sorry, I cannot do that.I preach the unadulterated Word of God.

  5. Connie

    I did not respond to JR the theocrats childish screed on women as they know not what they do.

    Now, their claim of ‘not religious*’ I’ve heard before. Ignorance is bliss, at least that’s what said. How else can a theocratic tool claim words don’t mean what they mean?

    Gas lighting: who are you going to believe; the liar or your lying eyes?

    • relating to or believing a religion
    • (of a belief or practice) forming part of someone’s thought about or worship of a divine being.

  6. G

    How can you say that you are not religious if you preach the Word of God?

    I know that a 21st Century person doesn’t use old fashion sexist language regarding women these days and it is not PC. It is accepting women as an equal partner.

    “, and accept everyone’s sinful lifestyle, sorry,”

    Well, then Jesus dying for our sins was all for nothing then, so God just wasted his damn time on us. He should have never created us in the first place and learn how to live alone.

  7. G

    “What does a 21st Century person look like? Do you mean they are PC”

    I know that a 21st Century person doesn’t use old fashion sexist language regarding women these days and it is not PC. It is accepting women as an equal partner.

  8. Joshua Rownd

    I do accept a woman as an equal partner and I do show them respect, by opening car doors for them or building doors, letting them exit the elevator before myself. I do believe that a woman should earn equal pay for equal work. I constantly tell my daughter that she can do whatever she puts her mind to do. I believe that she could even be the first woman president,who would be pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Israel, pro-biblical marriage!

  9. G

    No JR, you do not accept women as equal the way you denigrate women like Connie, not allowing women to have an abortion due to various reasons, not allowing women (and men) to have a free college education (you stated that a college education is a privilege, not a right), free medical care for women (and men), good paying jobs for women (and men), etc.

  10. Connie

    I’ve heard this song before – JR sings it long and loud if off key. Just saying JR, you are kind of pitchy.

    Male theocrat:
    I respect your right to fit in a box, to do as I say, no more, no less. I respect your right to fit (my) gods purpose no matter if it’s what you want. God knows best, donchano.

    Silly girl, god gave you no brains. He made you as a helpmeet, a side kick from my rib. Let me take the heavy lifting, your thoughts were never meant for one like you.

    Girls are singing a new song:
    Don’t put me on a pedestal, let me walk upon the earth. Treat all of me with respect. Honor my curiosity. Allow me to be me, I don’t fit into your box. There are parts left over that keep sticking out. Allow me to be a mom, a boss, or welder. Let me find what fits, not smash me into a mold that limits my soul.

    That’s the libretto and it goes on but that’s a good example.

    Here is my opinion, as long as a girl thinks what JR wants them to think he “respects” her. If she’s all uppity like me? Yeah, not so much.

    How do I know this? Not my first rodeo, not my first bull. Two thousand years of men folk taking women’s ideas and discoveries.

    Two. Thousand. Years.

    I believe women have earned the right to define themselves besides as cursed or filled with the ‘Jezebel’ spirit.

    I believe human rights are what the #womensmarch promoted. That and a presidential election where the most corrupt male won over an imperfect but over the top qualified female. Women have faced this before. No more.

    The kind of unity displayed around the globe scares these two dimensional thinkers so bad they have to denounce us as evil. We aren’t evil.

    (Bwahahahaaa. Maybe I am. Well not total 666 but 333. I’m half evil)

    Theocrats, your chickens are coming home to roost. Guess unenlightened men folk like JR should have treated us wimmenz better. Good thing we are enlightened. Ghandi, MLK and Parks would be proud.

  11. Joshua Rownd

    Maybe you should read this article to see who is really behind the women’s marches here in the United States – https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/muslim-brotherhood-promoted-womens-march/

  12. Connie

    Theocrat throws shade
    Muslim Law is worse than ours!
    Either way I’m dead.

    #womensmarch is not going away JR. The sleeping giant is now awake, and to be honest a bit grumpy. If I was a menfolk who is known for subjugating women I’d be watching my manners. Just a thought.

    Resistance is our patriotic duty. Theocracy can only win if we, the American people, choose to remain silent. Practice random acts of kindness and unconditional love. Our opponents have no defense for people being nice to each other. 🙂

  13. Eagle2758

    In my years before the KommieKrat takeover of our military, I retired after 25 years when Obammy came in. The females in my Fighter squadrons were never harrasssed we treated them with respect and dignity, and if they were, it was dealt with in a professional manner. My OIC was a female, her dad was a fighter pilot, and a General. We had unit awards because we just ran our unit that way, worked great for us. In my 25 yrs, I only saw a couple of instances where troops needed to be counciled for something like that. Never saw an atheist in a bunker when the SHTF either. Grow the F++k up people!

  14. G

    Eagle 2758.

    Doesn’t explain how the women were harassed and rape in the US military for a long time and their rapists got away with it while the women (and men) got punished for reporting the incident. There was a film called The Invisible War about that situation that came out 2012. You need to grow up.

    The reason you never saw an atheist because 1) you never met one or 2) they never came out of the closet and declare themselves an atheist because they would have gotten persecuted for it.

    Reagan, Bush, Sr., and Bush, Jr., were CommieKrat when they started allowing the American jobs go overseas to communist countries like China and Vietnam.

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