3/10/17 – Huge Homage Paid to MRFF & Mikey by “Air Force Toons” in Air Force Times with Editorial / Political Comic Strip in the March 13th – 20th Edition!

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Mikey is such a narcissist, he has to post everything that his name appears in. Too bad there will one time where he will not see his own name in print, which will be his own obituary whenever the Lord decides to stop his heart from beating. “It is appointed unto men to die once, then comes the judgment.”

  2. Connie

    I’m confused JR – or maybe not.

    This is the MRFF blog where they talk about what the MRFF (and by extension Mikey as president) does. How is it being a narcissist to post information pertaining to MRFF and Mikey here, exactly?

    I believe you, JR, suffer from an evil called envy or jealousy. Perhaps you should start your own blog so you can receive the attention you crave.

  3. G

    JR, everyone’s heart will stop beating sooner or later.

  4. Delta One

    Joshua, your forked tongue will be judged as well for you seek the death of another man, even if you imply god will do it. Try note to choke on your own words.

  5. Joshua Rownd

    Reached for comment, May said simply [emphasis added]

    “While I certainly appreciate that art – in this case, comics – can be interpreted however the reader chooses, this strip was in no way meant to show support or endorsement for any organization or viewpoint. It’s simply a neutral and lighthearted take on a current issue, and no one should assume I take a stand on either side.” This is the artist of the cartoon. He was not giving any support for Mikey Weinstein, more, he was taking a swipe at him.


  6. Connie

    Ding ding ding.

    Taking no sides means the artist neither endorsed nor ‘took a swipe’ at Mikey.

    Nice try JR. Please do play again.

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