MRFF Detractor Tweets Meme Maligning MRFF With Satanic Comparison

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  1. Annie

    I’m guessing it’s a draw, since NEITHER one of them exist. ?

  2. c

    Yeah, because we all know that Jesus was a belligerent white guy that went around bullying everyone and challenging them to physical confrontations.

  3. Joshua Rownd

    So what documented proof that neither Jesus or Satan do not exist or is that just you gut feeling?

  4. Joshua Rownd

    What problem with your comment, Jesus was not white, He is Middle Eastern so He had olive skin. He may have not bullied anyone but He did get pretty ticked when there were sellers in the Temple and He took a whip and drove them out of the Temple.

    Also, the bible does say that we are in a spiritual battle with Satan everyday, but through Christ we can rebuke every demon and command them to go back to hell in His name.

  5. Mark Sebree


    A better question is what documented, objective, independent proof do you have that either of them do or did exist? Or is that just your gut feeling?

    Your attempt to shift the burden of proof has been noted, again, and called.

    And too bad you cannot rebuke the demons of your hatred, intolerance, prejudice, and ignorance. Rather, you embrace them.

  6. Joshua Rownd

    I have no idea what you are taking about, prejudice against who?

    The Jewish historian Josephus wrote about Jesus and then there is this article-

    For the proof of Satan, just look all around you all the evil in the world, has to come from somewhere, evil does not happen in a vacuum.

  7. Connie

    Joshua would attribute evil to an external source, to a Devil that he can’t control.

    Is that who joked about burning me as a witch JR? Your devil?

    Enlightened people understand there resides within both light and dark, hence the potential for both good and evil. Which side wins? The side you choose of course.

    Mark brings up good points Joshua. Of course you deny any prejudice on this post. However your words elsewhere on this blog provide truth to the claim.

  8. G

    Well JR, if evil did not happen in a vacuum, then God needs to take responsibility for letting it happen since he has the power to stop such things.

    …….but through Christ we can rebuke every demon and command them to go back to hell in His name.”

    Gee JR. If it was that easy to rebuke every demon and command them to go back to hell, then we would not have the Devil coming in and out of hell anytime he wants to. Then the world would be a peaceful, safe place, now wouldn’t it?

  9. Mark Sebree


    Of course you have no idea what I am talking about. You have problems with reading comprehension and self examination.

    You are prejudiced against a great many people as evidenced by your words and how you treat others. You are prejudiced against homosexual, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, most protestants, Jews, Wiccans, Aturans, women, and pretty much everyone else that does not kowtow to your particularly narrow-minded, ignorant, hateful brand of religion.

    You display your prejudice with your words. You display your prejudice in who and what you ignore. You display your prejudice by your insistence that EVERYONE is subject to your personal beliefs, but you are not subject to anyone else’s beliefs.

    Sorry, but that is not sufficient evidence that your deity exists, of that he did the things that you claim that he did. The evidence MUST be objective, which means that it cannot be primarily religious in nature.

    And that is not proof of “satan”. That is “begging the question”, a logical fallacy. And I can see the evil that you extrude quite easily. Evil only needs people that think of themselves first, and do not care about anyone except themselves, and possibly they “clan” or family. Evil are the people that seek to deny the humanity of others. They seek to ignore the wisdom or knowledge of others because the ones giving it do not belong to the “right group”. Evil are the people who demonize, denigrate, disparage, and oppress others because they are not “in the right group”.

    Evil does not require an anthropomorphized entity to exist, it only requires people who act unthinkingly, selfishly, and without compassion. In other words, people like you and other far right conservatives.

  10. ROBERT


  11. G

    Yeah Robert, Jesus did not have God at his back when he got nailed to the cross.

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