Response to Brig. Gen. (Select) Kristin E. Goodwin’s Appointment to Commandant of Cadets from a USAF Academy Graduate

On Apr 4, 2017, at 12:05 PM, USAF Academy grad wrote:

Y’know, it’s fascinating.

Typically, you’re at loggerheads with the Defense community, because they refuse to respect the boundaries that they MUST acknowledge. Yet with Colonel Goodwin, you’re defending that same Defense community against attacks by bigoted outsiders. [I consider Dowty to be an outsider when he’s spewing his hate through CFP.] Don’t get me started on Roy Moore.

I’ve never met Kristen Goodwin, but I’ve heard from people from both the Whiteman and Barksdale communities that have NOTHING but good things to say about her. And, those who know her firsthand keep using words like “leadership” and “charisma”…..all those things the Air Force would want in its Commandant of Cadets.

I wonder how many higher-ups in the USAF have noticed that in this case, you’re on their side. You’ve made IG complaints before, but generally to complain about exceeding those boundaries. This complaint is about their failure to act against someone else who’s (inappropriately) railing against the USAF leadership. My guess is, they’re tossing this complaint into the “Weinstein Bucket.” But, this one is clearly different. They made the right and proper choice, and your complaint only serves to encourage the leadership to fight for that choice and not stand silently by while that choice is disrespected.

It’s a very strange world we live in.


Response from MRFF Founder & President Mikey Weinstein

Thanks… I think?

Response to Mikey from USAF Academy grad

You’re right….thanks are appropriate. I probably didn’t state things well, or it would have been clearer (story of my life).

My point is that while your reputation is anti-Air Force, that reputation is poorly crafted. I know this will be shocking to you, but people see your name and completely miss your message. [I know, I know, hard to believe.] I think Goodwin is an example where you’re staying consistent with what you believe in, and that in this case, you’re fully supportive of what the AF is doing. Your bitch here isn’t against the Powers That Be, but against the spiteful and hateful opponents of the PTB.

It’s just odd that the only way to reasonably support the original decision is to generate an IG complaint because THEY aren’t defending their own decision against disrespectful lunatics like Dowty. [There’s no way to clearly craft that sentence….I tried.]

I probably stated it inelegantly (and I’m almost certainly doing it again here), but in this case, you’re complaint isn’t against THE MAN, it’s against THE MAN’S inaction when a religious bigot complains about what THE MAN has done.

From my perspective, Goodwin is a charismatic leader who has excelled despite what would have been insurmountable odds just a decade or two ago. Oh…..and she’s a lesbian, too. I love that that’s an afterthought, and not a defining (and disqualifying) quality. Complaining to Dowty would be little more than pissing into the wind. So, you’re forced to bitch yet again at the Air Force for their own inaction at defending the good decision they made in the first place.

I just re-read all this, and it’s probably less clear than my original note. Let me simplify.
Goodwin = a very good choice for CofC.
Dowty = disrespectful and ignorant jerk.
Mikey and MRFF = good job defending Goodwin against all the morons, even if the only way to do so is to stir up the IG.

Keep doin’ what you do.


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  1. jimbo

    Those who work tirelessly to stuff their gods down others’ throats must be reminded that gods don’t exist, they never have and they never will. Unless of course those who stuff gods can prove that gods exist in reality, which has never happened, there is no proof and there will never be proof, if they exist they would have been identified by now. These people put gods before reality, before proof, in an attempt to establish the dictatorship of non-existent supernatural beings.

  2. XaurreauX

    jimbo: The issue is the government’s neutrality regarding religion and sexual orientation. Proselytizing that there is no god is just as much of an imposition (in this context) as proselytizing that there is. Apart from protecting the right to believe or disbelieve in gods, the government has no business taking a position on whether or not they exist.

  3. Philip Nahrgang

    Her sexual preference, like that of any heterosexual, has zero bearing on her position. This is true for everyone in any job for which they are qualified. That is all that matter. Her vitae on the USAF Academy site clearly shows great experiece and proficiency as an airman and executive administrator.

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