The ACLJ Calls MRFF “Absurd” in an Article on CBN News

Click to Read on CBN News

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Well the ACLJ would be right, Mikey is absurd and his anti-Christ organization.

  2. Connie

    Ugh. I read the article and then had to rest because the gaslighting gave me a headache. Oofda!!!

    I’ve heard the language used before, it’s usually accompanied by ‘hysterical’ and ‘bitter’; all the trigger words used by Dominionist males when dismissing a female who is justified in her anger because the facts are on her side.

    Is it possible for some commentary to be included on these articles, especially those linked to CBN or other less trustworthy sites? The lack of objective facts is dangerous to ones health!

  3. Joshua Rownd

    If CBN is untrustworthy, then the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos(Cuss, lol) are just as untrustworthy. Jay Sekulow can run rings around his fellow Jew Mikey in a courtroom . Does Mikey even know what a courtroom looks like since he hinds behind his keyboard all the time. Jay has argued cases before the Supreme Court, something Mikey only dreams of doing, but what could Mikey argue anyway, that he is the chief anti-Christ of Albuquerque, well he has that hands down.

  4. G

    Well JR, Fox News and all the corporate, conservative news and website are just as untrustworthy even more. Well how many times has this Jay character won cases before the Supreme court? Where is your proof that the MRFF is anti-Christ considering the fact that most of Mikey’s clients are Christians?

  5. Fran

    Joshua, you are correct that Sekalow argues in court. He usually loses, though. Mickey usually wins.

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