Christian Post Updates Mistaken Claims Against MRFF

Published On: May 26, 2017|Categories: Top News|4 Comments|

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  1. Connie May 27, 2017 at 3:47 am

    The CP article highlights a misconception common to theocrats, that all Christians have the First Amendment right to prostelyze as they see fit. The idea that their rights end where another’s begin is dismissed by the theocrat, there is no protection from their need to control everything.

    As many here on this site have stated before no one has the right to push their faith or lack of faith on another. No one has the right to use their position in the military to promote their faith or lack of faith to their subordinates.

    Why this concept is so hard to understand let alone follow is mind boggling. To me this says theocrats view anyone who doesn’t believe as they do as ‘not human’. This not human justification has been used for millennia to eradicate anyone ‘in the way’ of those who hold power.

    Here in the USA the founding fathers read history. They knew the pitfalls of a theocratic society and did their best to ensure we were free of all that nonsense. And yet here we are, two hundred plus years later debating this same issue as some citizens do their best to bring that nonsense back.

    Dominionist. Theocrat. Nazis. None of them have the slightest idea of how to share.

    Evangelical Christians aren’t being singled out; they ignore the rules more than anyone else. Perhaps there is an opportunity for learning if only the evangelicals will recognize it.

    What am I saying?? Of course they won’t see a learning opportunity. As our resident Dominionists have demonstrated the only option is to convert. They don’t need to change, ever.

    And that is the heart of the matter. There are too many humans on this planet to not know how to share. What was standard ops back in the day doesn’t fit in the here now. New ways are needed for humanity to survive.

  2. Tom O May 27, 2017 at 10:36 am

    No “New ways are needed for humanity to survive.” The “old ways” that so many Christians preach but so few practice would do the job if enough people started to actually live by them.

  3. Connie May 27, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    My definition of new ways includes everyone using interpersonal relationship, crisis management, and mindfulness skills. My new combines nature and tech to benefit all – a win/win. My view of the future includes (at least) two generations of humans free from molestation or abuse.

    I’m defining my view to see if it matches yours.

    Oh – squee alert – Tesla has created solar panel roof tiles which can withstand hail intact. Probably pricey and a wait time for ordering, but squee!!!! Being alive with such discoveries is a blessing.

    Tom is correct. Humans used to know how to share and live but choose to forget because remembering and being an adult by doing the correct thing is hard. And it sucks sometimes.

    But we, the brave adults of the world, do the correct thing anyway, precisely because it’s the correct thing to do. We need more adults (non age specific)

  4. Robyn Blanpied, PhD., Maj. USAF, ret. May 29, 2017 at 11:26 am

    The rise of evangelical Christianity in the officer’s Corp began in the 1970s, when my superior attempted to downgrade my OER for ‘using birth control…against God’s will.”
    The constant drumbeat of Christian prayers, the fawning deference to Chaplains and the insistence on the dominion of the White male have all been toxic to good order and discipline.
    The British made the same mistake…. attempting to use the conquest and colonialism to insert religious control.
    You can serve your country in the military, or you can proselytize.
    The unfortunate attachment of American military officers to Christianity creates a reality of a religious war – Christianity versus it’s brother monotheist religions.
    Precisely the European scenario the early Americans fled Europe to escape.

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