FRC’s Little Minds Once Again Belittle Mikey – “Questions Abound Regarding Air Force Academy Commandant Nominee”

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Talk about a persecution complex, Mikey sure does have one, this article, yes I read it, does not belittle Mikey at all. It just mentions his organization but not him specifically, so stop speaking doo doo Mikey and get over it. You sure can dish it out, but you cannot take it back sport!

  2. G

    No JR. You need to apply your statement to Trump. BTW, Trump has not accomplishment anytime in his 100 days. Care to explain that?

  3. watchtower

    The only thing the FRC said was they have a magical crystal ball (like JR’s) which allows them to see things that aren’t there.

    “Christians, however, may have legitimate concerns about what Goodwin’s appointment will mean for the future of religious liberty at the Academy”.
    *Really? Why would these cadets need to worry about this when BGen Goodwin has never displayed any such propensity in her career before?

    The FRC has a long and sordid past of attempting to make people believe that LGBT’s are not fit to serve in the military because they love that constitutional freedom to choose.

    Regardless of the FRC’s interpretation of what the law was regarding the repeal of DADT, the service of these fine americans has always been above reproach.

    The crystal ball is broken, BGen Goodwin has won her right to serve…move along.

  4. Connie

    The term “religious liberty” doesn’t mean the freedom to believe as one sees fit as I understand the article. It means specific Christians are allowed to bully and persecute anyone who refuse to believe as those specific Christians.

    FRC is a known hate group by the SPLC. They (the FRC) landed that designation not because they believe in the bible but because they continue to spread lies about the LGBTQA community. If they’d stop lying….. What am I saying? The FRC is populated by Dominionists. They don’t know how NOT to lie.

    Now I need a shower! FRC first thing in the AM is icky!!!!’

  5. Joshua Rownd

    The SPLC are a bunch of hypocrites because they are a hate group unto themselves! They hate everyone that does not agree with them.

  6. Mark Sebree


    However, there some major differences between the SPLC and the actual hate groups. The SPLC documents using the person or group’s own words the reasons why the group is considered to be a “hate group”. The reasons most often deal with aggressively proposing discrimination against some group of people, and/or violence against them. Basically, these groups actively promote hate. And these groups tend to hate everyone that does not agree with them, and are known to lie about them to keep their followers and minions from listening to these groups that call them on their actions and claims.

    The SPLC does not do this, which is why it is not considered to be a hate groups. On the other hand, hate groups and their minions, like you, try to claim that SPLC is so that people will not find out the truth about the issues and groups that are promoting actual intolerance and discrimination.

    The groups that disagree with the SPLC do not have any accurate, factual, up-to-date information to support their claims, assuming that they even try.

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