7/21/17 – Chris Rodda Op-Ed Featured on HuffPo Shuts Down Hypocrite Hernandez

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Nice try Chris, but this is such an illiterate piece of journalism. There is no such thing as transgenderism, God only creates male or female, He has never made an it or something in between. This is nothing but a mental illness brought by the lies of Satan.

    By the way Chris, are you a man pretending to be a woman?

    Your attacks against Chaplain Hernandez will have no effect and you will not win. “No weapon fashioned against him shall prosper.”

  2. Connie

    I love how one who insists they speak for their Deity applies limits to one they’ve described as limitless.

    Theocrats are all about imposing biblical law to our secular society. Sharia, biblical… Not seeing a difference here JR.

    As for no weapon fashioned against him…. No weapons are needed to take down Chaplain Hernandez as his own words will be held against him.

  3. G

    “This is nothing but a mental illness brought by the lies of Satan.”

    You got any evidence that it was a mental illness brought on by Satan, JR?

  4. G

    “This is nothing but a mental illness brought by the lies of Satan.”

    JR, has the American Board of Professional Psychology and The American Psychiatric Association ever made a determination that this form of mental illness brought on by the lies of Satan is actually a form of mental illness?

  5. Connie

    (Raises my hand)

    Excuse me, I have a question. Why does Chaplain Hernandez believe transgendered folk don’t exist when President Trump kicked them out of the military via a series of tweets this morning?

    On a less snarky note, is Lord Dampnuts transgender proclamation even constitutional? I believe not but I’m not a lawyer.

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