8/25/17 – Mikey Weinstein’s Statement Against Trump’s Heinous Directive Banning Trans Military Recruits and Prevention of Funds for Medical Treatment Regimens for Trans Service Members

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) shares in the emotively gut wrenching sense of shock and disappointment felt by millions of Americans today when our Caligula in Chief, the backwards and bigoted caricature of himself, Donald Trump, signed a directive banning transgender military recruits, which also prevents the Department of Defense (DOD) from allocating resources for medical treatment regimens for any transgender person currently serving in our U.S. armed forces. We’re all in this together, and our outrage will NOT go unnoticed. Rest assured, MRFF and I will utilize our resources to the fullest capacity, dig in our heels, and fight this decision with all the grit we can muster. A tweet is a tweet; but the fact that our loudmouth, abrasive, and antiquated President has backed up his breathtakingly ignorant online spewing of verbal sewage with official policy is a disgusting and dangerous step towards a slippery slope America cannot be allowed to continue with. If this decision wasn’t so sad, it would be brilliant satire; but this is really happening, my friends, and this decision is against, in the most violent way, both the liberty and the moral fabric this country was built upon. This Unconstitutional behavior must not be allowed to continue, and it won’t, so long as MRFF and the millions of free-thinking Americans have a dog in the fight. MRFF presently represents over 51,600 sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen in their brutal civil rights fight against fundamentalist Christian religious extremism and oppression in America’s military. Nearly 1,000 of MRFF’s clients are LGBTQ, of whom 12 are transgender armed forces members who are either on active duty or in the reserves.”

Click to read more about Trump’s directive banning transgender military recruits

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