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  1. Joshua Rownd

    There is no law saying that a bible study cannot be held in public or has to be held behind closed doors. Sounds like someone got butt hurt poor babies. They probably just do not like hearing the name of Jesus out loud. Well Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I am sure that Mrs. Betty B*tch will have something about this on her Twitter feed. I will have to just b*tch slap her then on Twitter.

  2. Sami Leggioni

    @Joshua Rownd You should message Betty, dude. I’m sure you will show her! Wish I was more like you, winner. 🙂

  3. Joshua Rownd

    Mikey, let me remind you of this – Yes. Both the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended permit religious expression and exercise in the government workplace. The First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Title VII prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, and requires employers to accommodate the religious beliefs and practices of their employees unless such accommodation poses an undue hardship to the organization and its business operations. Those in the bible study have every right to have a bible study in public no matter if someone is frustrated because they “are too loud.” Suck it up cupcake. Federal employees have every right to attend a bible study on their own time and it protected by the 1st Amendment.

  4. Sami Leggioni

    Joshua that’s super impressive. You’re so smart. How do you know all of these fun facts?

  5. Connie

    Joshua, Again you don’t understand the rules apply to everyone. Inappropriate noise in the workplace is inappropriate.

    No one says you can’t have your Cuming for Jaysus moment. Just do it in a respectful manner. Can’t believe I’m having to lecture you – JR – on what is appropriate. (Snark, total snark there. Almost poetry amirite?)

    No wait… Yeah I can. If you ever had manners you’ve forgotten how to use them. As it states in the letter a solution that worked for everyone was implemented. No one took away anyone’s precious holy book JR.

    Too bad you’ll ignore that fact and use this example someplace else of ONE MORE TIME someone totally did a nasty thing only they didn’t really because it was always me.

    As you’ve admonished me many times – reading comprehension will take you far in life.

  6. Connie

    Team MRFF – Congrats to you!!! Thank you for keeping watch for the enemy domestic.

    Can’t comment very often as the new mobile interface doesn’t like my old hardware but I do keep current with the battles and victories. This double victory is a ray of sunshine to a flooded plain. Thank you again.

  7. There is also no law, regulation or requirement that a bible study has to be forced on somebody. And that is exactly what is being done with loud bible studies.

    Proslytizing on DoD property is not allowed for a reason.

    Also, remember that DoD premises is not “public property”

  8. Joshua Rownd

    Having a bible study is not proslytizing, too bad that someone got butt hurt over hearing people studying the bible on their personal time. So they tone it down a bit and are not as loud, but they are still aloud to have it by law. No bible study was being forced on anyone if they are just walking by duh. Someone got offended because Christians were studying the bible, well get used to it, it is not going away. There is a weekly bible study that happens in the halls of Congress attended by Democrats and Republicans alike led by an evangelical minister, and VP Pence attends it as well when time allows for him to do that.

  9. Walter

    No it’s not. You don’t have to listen.

  10. Lecia

    So just wondering how you would feel if that was a Muslim with propaganda in a federal institution Joshua Rowland…yeah…bet you would not like it….which is why a federal institution is not a place for ANY religioun to have a booth…if want to have a Bible study on private property then knock yourself out…but there is separation of church and state for a reason

  11. Joshua Rownd

    If Muslims want to have a Koran study on their personal time then by law they are allowed that, just as the law says that bible studies can happen on federal property if they are on their personal time. I just love how liberals just so wildly throw out that separation of church and state thing.

    During Thomas Jefferson’s administration, the halls of Congress became a church every Sunday as Jefferson invited a Presbyterian minister to come an preach every Sunday.

    Everybody whether public or federal are allowed to do anything during their lunch break as they like. If they want to read their bible at their desk during lunch they can do that and no one can stop them without breaking the law. If military personnel at the Pentagon want to be a part of a bible study during their lunch break, they have every right to do so.

  12. G

    No JR, if people want to study the Bible on their own time, it has to be off grounds since they are on government property on government time at taxpayers’ expense. Regarding Congress, Congress has exempt itself from a lot of laws so that is probably when they have a Sunday sermon in its buildings.

  13. Joshua Rownd

    Hey G,
    Let me introduce you to the White House Guidelines regarding the federal workplace:
    As you will read, there is nothing there that says that any bible study must take place off government grounds and when people are on their lunch time, they are not on government time. Ooh, read this G – “may meet other employees for religious study and/or prayer during lunch in a conference room that is scheduled for use on a first-come, first-served basis;” oh and read this too – “may keep a Bible or other scriptures on their desk and read it during breaks;” so Mikey getting his panties in twist over a military officer having his bible on his desk will not fly.

    These same policies also apply to Congress as there is a weekly bible study that is led in Congressional buildings that Trumps cabinet are free to attend during their lunch break.

  14. G

    Wrong JR, Congress exempts itself from a lot of laws which is why they have those religious sermons.

    “… so Mikey getting his panties in twisted over a military officer having his bible on his desk will not fly.”

    Wrong JR. Weinstein got a bible removed from a VA facility.

    “, they are not on government time.”

    Wrong again JR. There is no such thing as private time since military people are always on government time 24 hours a day at taxpayers’ expense.

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