9/19/17 – MRFF/Mikey Weinstein’s Statement In Response to Inaccurate Stars and Stripes Top Lead Headline Story

“The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and its legal counsel have reviewed the terribly erroneous Stars and Stripes article authored by its reporter Dianna Cahn released earlier this Tuesday evening and would like to make the following rebuttal. The second paragraph of the article incorrectly states, “The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which advocates on behalf of a pluralistic military with sharp separation of church and state, CALLED ON THE AIR FORCE TO INVESTIGATE HERNANDEZ after the chaplain called Christian servicemembers who give credence to other faiths “counterfeit Christians.” At the very outset, let me emphasize that MRFF NEVER “called on the Air Force to investigate Hernandez.” Indeed, we at MRFF long ago gave up expecting ANYONE in the Air Force to enforce its own regulations and the Constitutional mandates to separate church and state and guarantee religious equality within its own ranks. 

Instead of requesting an investigation from the Air Force, MRFF called upon the Department of Defense Inspector Generals Office (DOD/IG), which has investigatory oversight over the Air Force and the other armed forces branches, to investigate Hernandez regarding this latest shocking incident of his glaring, unconstitutional fundamentalist Christian triumphalism, bullying and oppression. MRFF’s request for the DOD/IG to investigate Hernandez for this latest incident was yet another supplemental request of several made after MRFF’s initial request for DOD/IG to investigate Hernandez was granted over 5 months ago on April 17, 2017. All of MRFF’s requests to supplement the original DOD/IG investigation have been accepted by DOD/IG. MRFF has been informed through its legal counsel that the Hernandez investigation by the DOD/IG is still quite open and ongoing. DOD/IG has informed MRFF’s legal counsel that DOD/IG would advise our legal counsel as soon as the investigation was completed. No such advisement has been received as of this date and time. Thus, it is hardly news that the Air Force is not investigating Hernandez. The critical piece of information that actually MATTERS is that Hernandez is STILL being investigated by the agency which has oversight above the Air Force level, the DOD/IG.

The fact that a lower level spokesperson speaking for the Air Force Reserve has essentially “cleared” Hernandez is essentially meaningless at the present time while the DOD/IG investigation of Hernandez continues now into its 6th month.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the cowardly and craven statement by the Air Force in support of the despicable, religious extremist Hernandez is a perfect illustration as to the depths, depravity and disgrace into which the Air Force has fallen in its failure to uphold its sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the church-state separation and protection of religious equality mandates of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and the requirements of every officer’s oath of commission.

MRFF will continue to provide the DOD/IG salient information about the applicable law and regulations regarding the Hernandez case and other unconstitutional outlaws in the Air Force as the data becomes verified.”

Click Here to Read Stars and Stripes’ Inaccurate Top Lead Headline Story

***MRFF reached out to Stars and Stripes about the inaccurate statement. ***

“Correction: In a previous version of this story, Stars and Stripes incorrectly identified the agency to which the Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed its complaint. MRFF did not call upon the Air Force to investigate Hernandez as stated in the original version. Instead, MRFF called upon the Department of Defense Inspector Generals Office (DOD/IG), which has investigatory oversight over the Air Force and the other armed forces branches, to investigate Hernandez. This story has been corrected by Stars and Stripes.”

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  1. Joe

    I must say that your kind, loving message has convinced me that yours is the true path to follow. Thank you for being such a positive, welcoming role model.

  2. jimbo

    I am usually censored here, but I’ll try anyway. I have long donated to Mikey’s cause, but am inactive now because of the censoring. Let’s make one thing clear, there are no gods. No gods have ever been proven, and no gods will ever be proven. Until gods are ever proven then it is mandatory to request if gods are brought into a conversation as the source of authority that they be proven before the source of authority is allowed, and that has never happened. Calling someone a heretic Jew is an example of that, a non-existent supernatural being is being called on to determine if one is a ‘heretic Jew’. Those who participate in calling these non-existent entities place these entities above our Constitution, essentially demanding these non-existent supernatural beings a place at the table for which they have zero authority essentially the authority coming from a being that has no place at the table. By doing so they are essentially performing a traitorous activity, an attempt to usurp our Constitution based on absolutely nothing at all. Mikey and his organization are hero’s for taking the actions they do, and it is time for the god corrupted to begin to realize the Constitution’s authority. It is time for this nation to begin to throw off the yoke these ‘Christians’ seek to place on any who don’t agree with them, it’s either our Constitution and our nation or the success of those who seek to destroy us. Instead of censoring me, wordpress, why don’t you gut up and address the issues I raise, which I understand you can’t do, because you don’t have a leg to stand on, you can’t deny the truth.

  3. mal

    Good man, Mikey.

  4. Delta One

    I agree with you Jimbo, however…

    The First Amendment guarantees that our law makers cannot interfere with a persons religious beliefs, including the belief there is a deity. We can no more wish for this to go-away, then wishing for the Mother Ship to come back and take us away.

    The “prove there is” or “prove there isn’t” argument is long past and so it is imperative that we reflect on the importance of our constitution and celebrate the roots of our founding. As our nation comes under attack from the forces of tyranny within, we must reaffirm our commitment to the ideals of our founders and founding documents; because we are rapidly transforming our nation from a constitutional republic to a majority-rule democracy.

    Separation of church and state has been part of this great nation’s laws and culture since the early 1800s. Judges, politicians, educators, and even religious leaders have embraced the separation of church and state as central to church/state relations and a cornerstone of American democracy. The Supreme Court first employed the term “separation of church and state” in 1879 as shorthand for the meaning of the First Amendment’s religion clauses, stating “it may be accepted almost as an authoritative declaration of the scope and effect of the amendment.” To this day, most Americans support the separation of church and state as one of the hallmarks of American government. Although the phrase is not found in the Constitution, NOTHING has had a greater impact on the way American’s view religion, culture, and politics than the separation of church and state. Let’s not let the David Barton’s of the world try to reconstruct our history!

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