9/5/17 – Trae Crowder, The Liberal Redneck, Gives Glorious Shout Out to MRFF in New Video

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  1. Joshua Rownd

    Trae Crowder sounds like a red neck hillbilly with a elementary school education. He is probably one of those inbred with other people in his family!

  2. G

    No JR, you are describing yourself despite your so called comprehensive education.

  3. Mark Sebree


    Do you ever get tired of demonstrating your ignorance, intolerance, irrationality, or being ill-informed?

    Here are some facts about Trae Crowder. Facts that took only a few seconds to find. He is from Celina, TN, a very small town on the KY border. It has about 1400 people, 400 families, and about 650 households. The median income is about $20,000/yr, and the per capita income is about $12,500/yr.

    Trae was the first in his family to graduate college, has earned an MBA, and worked for 6 years in the US Dept. of Energy. He states that his liberal views come from growing up in abject poverty. He has never “been particularly down with Jesus” because of the views of most Christians about homosexuality, especially in the area that he was raised in. This is in turn because he had a good relationship with his gay uncle.

    His stand-up “character” is The Liberal Redneck. His accent is a product of where he was raised. just as it is for everyone else. Your characterization of him shows your closed mindedness and willingness to judge people on no information and by baseless stereotypes.

  4. Joan

    JR, I met Trae Crowder after his comedy tour show last night. I found him to be an intelligent, caring, well spoken man. To pass judgment on someone you never met and never taking the time to read his bio – like Mark Sebree did – shows that you put people in little boxes that fit your mentality.

  5. Joshua Rownd

    Too bad Joan had to waste her money on that comedy show. Oh by the way, after seeing finally what Joan looks like, she would make a great poster lady for the Jennie Craig diet.

  6. Mark Sebree


    Joan did not waste her money. She stated that she enjoyed the show, and she spent most of it laughing, which therefore means that it was not a waste since she got what she wanted and paid for.

    And your attempt at fat shaming Joan again shows how low, hateful, and uncompassionate you are. You are really reaching for insults if that is how low you have to stoop in order to have anything to criticize about Joan.

    You are again showing yourself to be unintelligent, ignorant, hateful, and despicable.

  7. G

    Gee JR. what if God and Jesus were fat, would you criticize them for that considering that God is created in our own image?

  8. Tom O

    More accurately, pseudo-Christians like JR create their version of God in their own image.

  9. Katrina Bromley

    I found this site through Trae’s shoutout. I encourage all of you to read “The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark” of which he is a co-author. No this not a plug. I happened by it in my local library, a public offering which JR has probably never heard of much less taken advantage of his tax dollars at work. JR is an internet troll. Pay no more attention to him. I know I won’t.

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