Fuck Tray Crowder puppet of jewboy Weinstein

From: [E-mail Address Withheld]
Subject: Fuck Tray Crowder puppet of jewboy Weinstein
Date: September 6, 2017 at 10:21:23 PM MDT

It figures that jewboy Mikey weinstein would eventually find a white simpleton housenigger to do his anti Christian hate bidding for him.
Right kikey mikey? Your just crematoria firefuel destine for hell’s flames anyway.l
And now you got
that faggot fairy white trash pretender Tray crowder to step up to bat for you.
How much did you pay the pretend hillbilly to do your jew dirty work weinstein? 30 pieces of silver?
Supid kike. Judas crowder. Your both traitors to Christ Jesus and his promised land of America. And our soldiers who spread the love of the Son of God.
Peckerwood crowder is about as southern as mikey jewboy weinstein is caucasian.
It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.
Fuck you weinstein! Fuck you crowder! hope you die in front of you kids and burn in hell for the apostasy you fuckers are.




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  1. watchtower

    Wow, this fella is mighty upset about nothing. All Trae Crowder did was speak the truth as he see’s it. All this hater had to do was look Trae up and learn a thing or two about this laid back (MBA, by the way, from the Tennessee Technological University) country boy that really talks “southern” like 🙂 GOOD JOB Trae for getting under this knuckleheads skin!

    Shame the writer had to spew obscenities and untruths, but then again, what are we to expect from ignorant people anyway?

  2. Lanny

    Your post is correct. ThebBible says a man is either justified or condeemed by the words of his own mouth. Why? Because those words are first conceived, nurtured and birthed in the heart before leaving the mouth.

    It is the heart our Father, by his Son will judge all men. Remember. Not all Atheists are communists, but all communists are Atheists. Not all Christians are followers of Jesus Christ but all followers of Jesus Christ are Christian’s.

    Jesus Christ words will win the battle for men’s hearts in the end. William J Murrey can vouch for that as well as millions of others like myself. Remember what the two greatest commandments Jesus taught us are? Then read St John again and again. Christ wins and we win as it gets better and better and better. ????

  3. Effie

    Fuckin Yankee screwballs, whatever the fuck yeez are talking about!

  4. Tom O

    “Wow, this fella is mighty upset about nothing. All Trae Crowder did was speak the truth.” THAT’s exactly what “this fella is mighty upset about,” because Crowder explicitly said things theocrats believe but won’t say.
    Compare Crowder’s “Jesus signed the Declaration of Independence” and “treated like a Founding Father,” and “treat the military like it’s Jesus camp” and the US military “uniform comes with an assumption of reverence for Christ” with these words from the above email: “Christ Jesus and his promised land of America. And our soldiers who spread the love of the Son of God.”
    Apparently this writer thinks that bullets and bombs are manifestations of “the love of the Son of God” (if the bullets and bombs are used by “Christian” Americans against the “infidels.”)
    The closing slogans sound more familiar when translated into the language in which they were most often heard 80 years ago:

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