10/17/17 – MRFF Exposes Fort Gordon’s Mandatory Christian Event in WFXG Fox TV, Army Times, and Augusta Chronicle

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  1. Robyn blanpief

    No need to do the VR close, Mike.
    You are a citizen, not under orders.

  2. Robyn blanpied

    No need to do the VR close, Mike.
    You are a citizen, not under orders.

  3. Rael Nidess, M.D.

    “Spiritual barbecue” just about sums it up. Hard to imagine being compelled to listen to someone’s religious mythology under penalty of insubordination but, that’s MAGA for you – ‘This is your brain, on a rotisserie’. We’ve got domionist Christian fanatics not just in our military (where they’ve got the nukes to bring on the ‘End Times’ and the religious fervor to rationalize it) but we’ve got an infestation in the White House & Congress as well coupled with the ignorance to ask ‘why can’t we use our nukes?’. as a ‘solution’ to the catastrophe American foreign policy has produced in the Mideast. That military leadership now feels it can march their subordinates off to mandatory religious training suggests they believe someone’s ‘got their back’ and, indeed, the statement & actions of the ‘current occupant’ suggest they’re exactly right. The response to this egregious violation of the Constitution (uhh… what’s that? I thought the bible was the source of our laws…) will be indicative of how far down we’ve sunk. Reading suggestion: Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight

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