Featured Email From MRFF’s Inbox: weinstein is leading you all to the eternal flames

From: (name withheld)
Subject: weinstein is leading you all to the eternal flames
Date: October 4, 2017 at 4:56:27 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein

Do you fine folks at the MFRR even know that when you die you will not be going to heaven?
You will going to your father in Hell. The devil.
You will be set on fire to roast for your evil in opposing the Son of God for our military men.
And you will have satan’s right hand man to thank for your burning alive forever.

Michael Weinstein.
Mikey your fearless leader is of satan by satan and for satan.
And he is a jew as we can all see so well. (John 8:44)
Mikey is satan’s little helper.
Condemn him for his demonic evil before Jesus will make you pay for not doing so.

(a service member’s wife who knows what she is talking about)

Response by MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Hi (name withheld),

You may actually be a service member’s wife, there’s no way to know about that, but you sure as hell don’t know what you’re talking about.

The sickness that permeates your “knowledge,” your apparent belief system, is alarming because it is what promotes this ugly assault on people you don’t know yet feel free to condemn. I urge you to talk to your service member husband and see if you can’t find some psychological help through him or his medical connections.

Just to be as clear as possible in the face of your perverse views and accusations, none of us is going to the hell you envision, a place the idea of which obviously torments you. Nor are any of us “opposing the Son of God for our military men,” as you claim to believe. We support those in the military and, in particular, support their right to believe as they choose rather than having them left to suffer while misguided hyper-Christian zealots like you insist their personal, twisted and in your case wacky beliefs on them.

Mikey takes a lot of heat from bigots like you for being “a jew,” as you put it. But you know, so was Jesus. And he took a lot of crap too. I see no reason to condemn Mikey; instead I applaud him for his steadfast dedication to supporting the constitutional rights of every woman and man in the service of their country.

You might think about being a fraction of the American citizen he is. If you were you’d find a lot of ways to be of value to your husband and your country rather than being a pathetic bigot spewing hatred in the name of God.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. G

    I thought that we all came from our father in Heaven not from Hell. According to comedian Bill Burr, if people screw up, then it is God’s fault that he made us what we are today and God needs to take responsibility for it and we should not be judged for something since God gave us free will and did not help us out when we were having problems with things like struggling with math, etc.

    What about all those Christian soldiers committing terrible things in the name of God and their religion? Remember the saying in the Phillippines “Civilized them with a Krag.” Doesn’t sound like a Christian, American thing to do if you want to bring God into people’s lives. Or the saying by the priest during one of the Crusades, “kill them all and let God sort it out.”

  2. Carmine Wiggins

    It’s funny what people say what this god will do when no one has ever seen it and actually believe they can tell other people what this god will do to people they disagree with. I can only hope people teach every generation from here on out that America is not nor ever was a religious nation, but folks are free to believe in whatever deity they want. We must NEVER let the religious-right push their agenda on us and we must NEVER let the government decide what we believe.

    It is unfortunate we elected a very dangerous man-child to run this country, but I’m confident we have learned from this mistake and will not let it happen again, if the next election hopefully presents us with better options. I’d prefer a leader that respects the fact we are a constitutional republic and religion/deities stay in the churches or sky.

  3. Paula George

    Gee, (Name Withheld), I’m shaking in my boots now, thanks to your proclamation!! Whatever will I do??? Terrible, earth-shaking cognitive dissonance–hate that Jew!! Yeshua was a Jew!! But, but…. Now, tell me, (Name)(I may call you “Name,” mayn’t I? I feel like I know you.), Where did you learn to be so hateful? Why are you so angry? What are you afraid of? Is your spouse a woman or a man? Why do you think you know what you’re talking about, and why should we follow your nasty example? I don’t believe I will. Nope. I’m going to take my chances.

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