11/28/17 – MRFF Senior Research Director’s New Op-Ed FEATURED on HuffPost & RECOMMENDED on Daily Kos – “How Many More Religiously Insensitive ‘Mistakes’ is Our Military Going to Make at Bagram Airfield?”

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  1. And we all already know that religion has been used as a method, means or a mode for Governments and Militaries and for many individuals to wield demands, violence, change and control upon and against others whom they wish to control or dominate.

    many religions have had certain people who have used – Christianity, Islam, Judaism and even Hinduism religions as a tool, device or mechanism. In the past decade, even extremist Hindus have increased their attacks on Christians, until there are now several hundred per year. But this did not make news in the U.S. until a foreigner was attacked. In 1999, Graham Staines, an Australian missionary who had worked with leprosy patients for three decades, was burned alive by a gang of Hindu Bajrang Dal fundamentalists in Orissa along with his two young sons.

    We see how that All religions can be used as a THREAT to others inside and outside of that religion. Muslims, Catholics, Christians and Jews and Hindus and many other religions and organizations have often posed a threat to people inside their very own religion and to people outside of the religion as well.

    I propose that { ” to most people” } RELIGION is simply more of a tool and a means whereby one group, military or individual will seek to control and dominate the other. AND that these THREATS, PROBLEMS, and acts of violence would still eXist regardless of whether or not The Religion eXisted in their lives.

    My focus was that Islam itself does pose a much greater threat and an enhanced force of out of control violence because everything It claims is all PROPHECY, ALL REVELATION, and divination.

    And also Islam Makes claims to events and FACTs that are contradicted by the very Gospels and OT Scriptures BUT The Quran claims repeatedly that The Bible is in full support of Islam.

    In other words – There is no other religion on earth that claims to have a TRUTH and claims that its truth is perfectly preserved and recorded and proven in pre eXisting and current eXisting scriptures while it proposes A NEW REVELATION and PROPHECY, when absolutely no such scriptures eXist and were never preserved by its Islamic prophets, or Islamic God or Islamic followers.

    Everything contradicts the Revelations of Mohammad.I

    Because eXperts may fantasize and wish that there is this evidence outside of the Bible that shows a REAL-TIME, Live recorded RECORD of a living people called Ishmaelites eXisting _ { IN WORLD HISTORY } – But – There is no such a record on the planet _ Outside of the Bible.

    Mohammad is literally a Spiritual Father and a Revelator to many, many eXperts and many people even though they are not even Muslims themselves.

    But they are following these revelations, prophecies, and teachings of Mohammad that are not a part of factual proven history. I believe that this confusion is infuriation and anger at a level that is completely off of the charts and a much higher level for Muslims and causes them to target things and people and historical data that contradicts what they claim as truth.

    Because everything they and the many eXperts claim, is all { ONLY } prophecy, revelations, and teachings from Father Mohammad that is not proven in historical fact.

    They prefer much better to look upon the Jews, Old Testament and the Gospels and whole affair and to gaze upon the Old Testament and Jews and their Torah and lifestyle – through the twisted convoluted lens of their Father Mohammad and His Quran.

    Their imaginative hearts are raptured and happier trusting in the REVELATIONS and PROPHECIES of Mohammad and prefer to see the Bible as they first gaze and look through Mohammad’s Prophetic and Revealing lens firstly. Islam and Mohammad is the warped lens that makes them feel better as they look upon the scriptures. And many Christians and Jews have come along as well with the same concerning their faith that simply is not founded in the manuscripts.

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