“fuck you and you jew agenda” – Intense Hate Mail Sent to Mikey Weinstein

hey mikey jew 

whats your problem with the FLAG of CHRIST at the Air force museum? 

Every little thing of Jesus makes you go so jew crazy. So jew of you.

Got your long long longest jew nose out of joint again mikey jew boy? All soldiers will bow to the Flag of CHRIST!

Last time we checked there are more white Christians who have bled out and died for our US of A then jews nigras or arab insects. Seriously check them stats.
What say we cut off your circumsize jew prick and display that in the Air force museum?
Hey saw you’re wife again at the whore house the other night. 
She has the cheapest rates for the longest ride. getteeupp Mrs. Wienstein!
Give her HEY for me and the boys.
See y’all real soon. 
And go back to Israel while we’ll still let you. Got Auschwits? Arbreit macht frei mikeyboy!
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Hey Coward,

No, I don’t mean Noel, even if it is that time of year. Coward is a term I reserve for ignorant,
illiterate, mealy-mouthed hypocrites who pretend to be Christians while spewing bigotry, hatred
and other mindless garbage that proves they are ignorant pus-brains and not Christians. The
name Roy Moore ring a bell?

If you knew anything about Jesus you’d know he didn’t have a flag and wouldn’t bow to one.
The fact that he was a Jew trouble you?

As for the rest of the bilge that spills from the garbage can of your mind, think about
naughty and nice when Santa skips your hovel.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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  1. mal


    I love this column because it shines a light on what many tend to ignore.

    Keep it up.

    And thank you, Mike Farrell!

    Mike and Jackie
    Madison, Wisconsin

  2. Paula

    Dearest Nameless One–
    Peace be on you and all in your house. You are so filled with hatred and anger and fear that you must spew vitriol or you will burst. That’s so, so sad. You do know, of course, that all of those mindless things you said tell everyone about your nature, your lack of character, your feeble mind, your spongey spine, your ugly heart. Those things you are hurling, however, say absolutely NOTHING about Mikey Weinstein, his wife, or his efforts to make the United States military safe for persons of all faith paths and persons who are not on a path of faith. In other words–you just described yourself. Good work.
    May you seek a path of understanding and love, for your sake and the sake of sane people everywhere.

  3. Iain Sherwood

    The ignoranceof these haters is indicative of the lack of education in this country. Informed people are not normally hateful, and this yokel is practically illiterate in two languages!

    Keep up the good work, Mikey and minions!

  4. G

    Iain Sherwood. You would be surprised how even informed people are hateful even when they have a good education but are brainwashed to such a degree that they throw away their logic and analytical thought.

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