1/26/2018 – “Televangelist Who Once Said PTSD Isn’t Real Will Speak at Military Prayer Event” – The Friendly Atheist Covers MRFF!

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  1. Convivencia

    Just like sexual conversion therapy. A pity.

  2. PTSD is very real and it changes Your mentally and physically.
    Soldiers coming home from real battle combat should be placed in whatever environment they need to quickly overcome and comfortably acquire all of their needs small and great.
    Medication, treatment drugs or anything that they need is eXactly what they deserve.
    There is nothing more honorable than a soldier in the United States Military who has dedicated their life and placed their life on the line for Americans.

    American is eternally in Your debt. Thank You.

  3. G

    Well, I don’t see the soldiers protecting the rights of American workers to organize without fear of retaliation. Nowadays, many Americans have to join the military because the corporations and wealthy people have sent the jobs overseas or replace American workers with legal and illegal immigrants.

    We are in financial and moral debt thanks to Corporate America and the wealthy people.

  4. Mikeys Mouse

    There is nothing wrong with having legal immigrants working here in the USA, that is what legal means, they are now naturalized citizens. Illegals are the ones who need to be deported from the USA.

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