Shower Time for Wienstein

You stinking commie jew coward!

Leave Mr K Copeland alone to witness to the soldiers for Christ and America.
Make America Great Again by Making America’s Army For Christ Again.

As for you kike?
Mickey how’s about you go take a nice little shower
just like your burnt relatives did in the camps in WW2?

(name withheld)







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  1. Tom O

    “Make America Great Again by Making America’s Army For Christ Again.” As far back as I can remember America’s Army was for ALL Americans, regardless of their religion. At least that’s what i was taught in Catholic school in the 1950’s and early 60’s.

  2. Convivencia

    We never limited video games in our Jewish home when our kids were growing up.
    Of course, one never knows what video games other peoples’ kids and their parents are playing.

  3. Paula George

    Dear (name withheld), All I can do is laugh. Yours has to be one of the most absurd screeds ever screamed. All I want to do is sincerely wish you all the love and joy you can imagine in this new year.

  4. G

    Dear (name withheld):

    Since you think that only certain groups of people can join American Army, then the rest of America should not be supporting you in any way such as pensions, pay, health care, clothing, weapons, moral support, etc. and that you should rely on God to give you everything you need. No sense in joining and dying in America’s army when you are being told that you are a second or even third class citizen because of your background and are not allowed to join the armed forces.

  5. Mikeys Mouse

    It is a crying shame that Mikey’s demands went unheard and Kenneth Copeland spoke anyway. LOL I think the Air Force is learning to tell Mikey to go pound sand every time he throws himself on the floor in a temper tantrum.

  6. G

    The Air Force never learn anything when whether they win or lose against Weinstein

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