2/2/18 – BREAKING: MRFF Enters Fray Re: Prayer Breakfast at Whiteman AFB, MO

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  1. John Grier

    Extremists are guaranteed free speech. So you have to let the idiot speak. But you don’t have to provide a government sponsored forum.

  2. People are often called Extremists because they overreact to others who they { The extremest } truly believe are symbolically lined up in a line and jumping off the side of a metaphorical cliff.

    Of course, there are real situations like. and, when everyone lined up to take their turn to make the leap off of the metaphoric cliff, are pointing and calling out and accusing the person who is overreacting to all of it as acting extreme.

    What gets really extreme is when the US Government expects those who choose not to make these dangerous and harmful jumps, to pay from their pockets for the cleanup of the mess. While criminalizing and vilifying the so-called extremists for speaking out about it.

    I believe that there are situations like that { metaphorical cliffs } where the Government uses the working class to pay out of their pockets for others out of control or dangerous, expensive behaviors. While calling them extremists for protesting the whole situation.

    And I agree, there are real wacko extremists like the types You are talking about.

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