2/27/2018 -Article: Military Surgeon Makes Patient’s Family Pray to Jesus To Guide His Hands

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  1. Sage on the Hudson

    Just show me where “Kneel with me now and all join hands. We pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to guide and bless my hands” appears in the Hippocratic Oath, Doc, and I won’t take up the matter with the state medical board AND the Secretaries of the Army and Navy.

    We all just want all of this according to Hoyle, now don’t we?

  2. John Schuster

    Good on Mikey.
    “He said he would take care of this. He promised.”
    It just can’t be said too many times – THANKS MIKEY AND MRFF TEAM!

  3. William Hooks

    Back in 1960 I was in the U.S.A.F. basic training. On Saturday before we were dismissed out T.I. told us that church attendance was mandatory. I figured Sunday was his “Day of Rest” like the rest of us. I slept in that Sunday and every other Sunday when I wasn’t on alert. The T.I.’s arse was covered. He had told us church was mandatory. He hadn’t been instructed to come on base and check on us.

  4. Pooka

    Ooo rah !!!!

  5. The family obviously had hoped to have the assurance that a professional was there to get the job done right.

    It would be quiet amazing if the surgeon was a professional and knew what whay were doing.

    But I believe that what caused the family to feel alarmed was that they felt that the surgeon was Himself feeling un-capable, insufficient, unequipped and even maybe unskilled and needed to pray to His God for help in getting the miracle of ability to accomplish the surgery.

    Does that make sense ? I hope that the surgery went well and that the family is healthy.

  6. Mikeys Mouse

    The family should be thankful that the surgeon asked them to pray for him. The surgeon may have kept their loved one alive a little longer so that he would have the chance to accept Christ instead of dying and going to hell.

  7. G

    Mickey Mouse.

    Well, the family were not thankful and felt insulted. In addition, what if the surgery had failed, would the surgeon informed the family that it was the patient’s time to go to God and you can’t go against God’s will? In addition, what if the surgeon had bumbled the operation and killed the patient, would he blame God instead of taking responsibility causing the death of his patient?

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