3/2/2018 – Truthout Publishes Mikey’s Latest Op Ed!

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  1. Mikey You Are Great! Keep up the tough job of reminding the DoD to enforce its Diversity Mission.

  2. Great work Mr Weinstein.

  3. Mikeys Mouse

    Mikey’s true colors are showing as a vehement anti-Christ and Christian hater.

  4. G

    Mikey Mouse

    If Weinstein hated Christians so much, then why are most of his clients are Christians?

  5. Mikeys Mouse

    I highly doubt that Mikey has any so called “Christian” clients, I think they are all just false flags to draw attention to himself. Born again Evangelical Christians would never seek Mikey out for help. Mikey would be welcomed by the Cabel and Deep State.

  6. G

    96% of Mickey’s clients are Christians and that is a fact.

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