3/8/2018 – Colorado Springs Independent Covers MRFF: Air Force Academy Endowment chief wears religion on his necktie

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  1. Mikeys Mouse

    Oh good grief, it is just a damn tie, what is next, checking peoples underwear for fishes on it? I am sure Mikey would volunteer for that job. I am sure Mikey would raise a huff if there were either a fish or cross tattoo on a cadets butt and claim they were proselytizing while in the shower. I guess business must be really slow for Mikey. I would love to tattoo Mikey’s ass with a Star of David with a Cross in the middle of it.

  2. BirdManBlue

    MM, so you’d say same if the tie had Hooters Restaurant emblems on it? Swastidas? Little KKK hoods? We pick the symbols we wear consciously. I wear a lot of blue with two letters on it (A-F). If shananigans like this continue, I might need to rethink my palette.

  3. Retired Senior Air Force Officer

    Wow! Mikeys Mouse is sure enthusiastic about men’s butts!

    However, it doesn’t contribute to the subject of General Gould’s unconstitutional, insubordinate and biased conduct that tarnished his Air Force career and continues, now, in civilian service to the USAFA.

    Mikeys Mouse, if you want to intelligently contribute to this issue, rather than “underwear,” “cadet’s butts,” “showers,” and a somewhat unnatural love and desire for “tattooing Mikey’s ass,” I suggest you instead, look up the United States Constitution, The First Amendment, Air Force Instruction 1-1, paragraph 2-11, the Code of Federal Regulations, and Parker v. Levy (1974).

    A fundamental knowledge, in those subjects, would serve you better, in this discussion, than your apparent ass fetish and I respectfully suggest that you take that proclivity to another part of the internet, to satisfy your appetite. It has no place in this forum.

  4. Mikeys Mouse

    Dear Retired Air Force Senior Officer,
    In whose opinion was his service in the Air Force tarnished, yours? Which by the way does not count worth a hill of beans! Andy Mikey’s opinion does not count either regarding whose service is tarnished or not.

  5. G

    MM, what makes you think that Weinstein’s opinion doesn’t count at ll.

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