4/20/18 – Navy Defies Constitutional Law in Refusing to Remove Christian Bible on POW/MIA Table!

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  1. Teresa

    Shut up idiot.

  2. Calif Anon

    Mikey just needs to sit down, shut up, and snort some bacon!

  3. Grey One talks sass

    To the commentators above –

    First, Mikey has the right to free speech. Tell him you disagree and you’ll have no arguments from me. Tell him to shut up well, thems fighting words.

    Second, and the most important point is the Constitution. I have the right to place my holy books on the table too. Where is your advocacy for inclusion?

    Oh – no, neither of you care for anyone’s rights except your own. Learn to share you extremists. Learn to share or find out what consequences await your failure to learn the lesson. Spoiler alert – history is filled with examples and none of them have a happy ending for you.

  4. Calif Anon

    What Constitution, we have been in a post-Constitution era since 1947 with the National Security Act. Did you also know that since 9/11, which was an inside job, we have been under a state of emergency which means the Constitution could be suspended at any time.

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