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  1. Calif Anon

    This is so laughable. Too bad so sad, but he will be confirmed. Besides, the CIA has nothing to do with the military, isn’t Mikey sticking his neck into others peoples business.

    Everyone that the SPLC disagrees with is labeled a hate group. Thankful that we finally have a Sec of State that is truly pro-Israel.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Oh yeah, sure I want as SoS a person who believes the Rapture End Times Review and Talent Show is literally true.

    Ha! No, I don’t. I prefer people who respect science, believe facts, and can put their ideology on the back burner because they believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights for the USA covers all citizens.

    Pompous will be confirmed but only because enemies of the USA are in power already. The best way to defeat the theocrats is to vote.

  3. Calif Anon

    What science, God’s view of science or man’s view. God created science so all science is God’s science.

    I would much rather be a theocrat than a DemoRat. I would much rather be on God’s side than man’s side, I have read to the end of the book and I know the outcome already, God wins!

    No, we voted out the enemies of the USA, the Muslim Brotherhood infected White House, and soon #QAnon says that all the Democrats will be exposed for their pedophila, Satanic ritual abuse of children, cannibalism of young girls and drinking their andreochrome blood. Refurbishing has been done to Gitmo and added new prisoner housing waiting to put all the convicted Democrats so that they can rot there until they die!!

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Your logical fallacy Calif Anon is painful to read. Isn’t science just, well, science? Facts are known to be true by testing a hypothesis until it becomes theory. Like all facts there is no room for interpretation. The Theory of Gravity works even though you don’t believe in it.

    Nice fascist pron at the end of your comment. Hope you cleaned up the keyboard afterwards. Wouldn’t want to leave a mess for your kids.

  5. Calif Anon

    Oh I would want my kids to see what I wrote, so they would know the truth about what will soon to be exposed. There are already over 24,000 sealed indictments and as #QAnon said, we are just waiting for the DOJ to drop the MOAB. Boom, Boom, Boom

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