“California Council of Churches IMPACT” Sends Letter Re: Ft. Campbell’s dismissal of Jewish lay leader

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  1. Calif Anon

    What a farce, the CA Council of Churches is a who’s who of apostate churches who will all be judged by God. They will be hearing from me.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    One tiny, insecure, fact free troll stomps their tiny troll feet and gnashes their tiny troll teeth because a majority of humans ignore their message of hell and damnation. As I understand deities, their grand plans are ineffable aka unknown by us puny mortals.

    One tiny troll of a human presumes to judge others who live in accordance with the teachings of their faith and the laws of our country. Perhaps their should take a lesson from their holy book and judge not lest they be judged.

  3. G

    Gee, Calif Anon, if God is all powerful then why did he allow those “apostate” churches come into existence.

  4. Faith is not Hateful

    Methodists are Apostate? Disciples? The founding churches of America – Congregationalists? Episcopalians? American Baptists? Wow – you latter day, roll-your-own believers sure have gall. You shove your beliefs down our throats, shut out Jews even as you try to steal Israel to fulfill your wanton prophetic notions, and you have the temerity to criticize those who truly follow Jesus’ teachings? You are why MRFF exists and why tens of thousands are walking away from your rigid, un-Christian cults.

  5. Calif Anon

    Faith is not Hateful,
    Who is shutting out Jews and who is trying to steal Israel, certainly not Christian Zionists. Such wanton prophetic notions come straight out of the bible. The OT prophets Zechariah and Jeremiah prophecied that God would bring His children back to their ancient biblical homeland Israel over 3000 yrs ago. Do you know how many Jews have returned to Israel since 1948 because God has led them back there without any Christians help? Thousands!! When the wall came down in Russia, thousands of Russian Jews fled to Israel. Scripture does say that the Gentiles would assist them in making aliyah back to Israel.

  6. Faith is not Hateful

    Oh please – Jeffress himself says Jews will burn in hell. He wouldn’t possibly know, but he sure spews the hate while working to take over Israel.

  7. Calif Anon

    Faith is not Hateful,
    Well he would be right, Jews, Mormons, Catholics, Hindu’s, Buddhists, Satanists, homosexuals, murderers, pedophiles, Scientologists, will all burn in hell unless they repent of their sins and confess Jesus as Lord of their lives.

    Let me remind you what Jesus said, not Robert Jeffress, Jesus said that no one will go to heaven unless they come through Me!

  8. G

    Different religious groups have their own beliefs about an afterlife, Calif Anon so Jesus can’t say that one will get to heaven without him. Besides, many of us were taught that we had to meet St. Peter at the pearly gate first before finding out whether we go to hades or heaven.

  9. .
    the Centers for Disease Control today, is a form of the Bible Law that existed thousands of years ago.

    The religious peoples accept and realize the reality that there is a world of hell and horror all around us. There are millions upon millions of people living in a form of hell as they are suffering in pain and agony and dying all around the world every decade.

    I do not condemn anyone for Having Aids or Use or wish to ever Say / Write of the Idea of a PUNISHMENT of a disease – is set – for anyone having immoral or Un Biblical seX.

    So whats the difference in Prostitution and Sharing needles with strangers ? it’s all -The Same / – Blood Crimes. The Same eXacT results are diseases spread, germs, bacterium, illness, and sickness through contact with an infected individuals blood.

    Sodomy can also be – a BLOOD Crime. Penetrating the Fecal Orbit – Anus of many, many different types of people and spreading the DIFFERENT STRAINS of combined, gathered strains of germs, bacterium and anal parasites to knowing and Unknowing victims.

    This Is a BLOOD CRIME. The People in Biblical time did what was necessary to keep their people safe from Germs, Bacterium, Diseases, Plagues, AND Sickness and Self-destruction.

    People from different camps, villages, towns, cities, countries, continents are gathering various types of Feces into their bodies and demanding that it is Love. to be shared and spread around the gay community Fecal Orbit. This is all explained in the BIBLE.

    As I said before the Centers for Disease Control today, is a form of the Bible Law that existed thousands of years ago. reports that homosexuals are 50 to 60 times more likely to become infected with AIDS than – all other groups.

    REMEMBER when You go to give blood, they ask You Are You a homosexual. Gays will be Banned for life: – Why gay men still can’t donate blood. There are regulations for prohibitions on donations of blood or tissue for organ transplants from men who have sex with men. Restrictions on donors are called “deferrals. If You wait for a full year – Stop being Gay – ( involved with Gay seX ) – You may apply to give blood.

    In the bible, they did not have medical treatment. Quarantine and keeping gays in enforced isolation for a period of time And when there is no Hospital, Doctor, Medicine or treatment. Before the disease spreads to unsuspecting unknowing innocent children and other victims and families, the prophets and wise, godly men found that best way is to be safe.

    its all about blood crimes – Its the only Choice – when there is no Condoms, medical treatment. ECT… Keeping them Out of the Blood Donation Centers and Prevent them from donating organs to limit or prevent the spread of disease or infection. CDC recommends sexually active gay, bisexual and another MSM test for: HIV at least once a year ONCE a YEAR. That’s because MOST Gays go through a continual Never Ending the cycle of Sexual Partners. Forever. On and on and on.

    A Never Ending Search for a new partner. They Spread Hepatitis B and C; Chlamydia and gonorrhea of the rectum if you’ve had receptive anal sex, or been a bottom hole Just in the past year; – CDC recommends That you get the test. – Chlamydia and gonorrhea of the penis (urethra) if you have had insertive anal sex or received oral sex from a Gay man – in the past year; – Gonorrhea of the throat if you’ve performed oral sex (i.e., your mouth on your Gay partners penis, vagina, or anus) in the past year; And The healthcare provider may suggest a herpes test. .. No Blood, Gay blood NOT SAFE – says the Medical Centers. . being Gay is not ok. – Not Good. bad. Wrong. Not a Productive Behavior

    IF The Heterosexual / Straight Community was responsible for the 70-80% of all Aids infections this would be the challenge that the heterosexual community would have to overcome by making the necessary changes to stop the spreading.

    There are around 321.4 Million People in the USA. — This is the Message of the Bible. Having Safe seX, Waiting until You are married. All of these things are Important

    The Fact is – The Straight / Heterosexual Community does have the Highest Rate of people without Aids. THE SAFER SEX CHOICES TO CHOOSE FROM ……
    The Official GOVERNMENT WEBSITE Statistics – Says that All Heterosexual with Aids accounted for only 24% (9,339) of all HIV diagnoses

    Either Way it does not change the FACT That CDC: Stastics say That Gay Men are 2% of The Population – But Nearly 67% of All TOTAL New HIV Cases

    So-. The Gays are 2% of The Population – But Nearly 67% of all Aids Victims.
    The Heterosexual Community accounts for the other for 33 % of all Total Aids in The Usa. This is Why it is against the Law for Gays – Engaging in Gay seX – To Donate Blood in the USA. BANNED – Blood Crimes are Real.

    This was what the Old and New Testament was all about. Keeping a family oriented society and keeping Your wives and children and future generations safe from harm.
    However today millions of people are literally killing and murdering and infecting themselves and killing others by the billions, while Christians and Jews are being vilified for trying to warn people.

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